Hydro Engineering Inc. Updates Screen Printing Reclaim Product Line

Since 1980, Hydro Engineering Inc. has supplied the screen printing industry with hundreds of screen reclaiming systems. In 1986, Hydro patented the use of a 2000-3000 PSI pressure washer, combined with a backlit washout booth and water filtration system that is still extensively used by screen printers today. Hydro Engineering's equipment have been instrumental in saving screen printer's time, money, and labor thus increasing productivity and ROI.

With the introduction of the first screen reclaim Hydroblaster in 1980 Hydro Engineering began working towards safe, environmentally acceptable processes. Today, all screen printers understand, or need to understand, that the effluent discharge from the reclaiming process needs in some way to be either filtered prior to sewer discharge or recycled if the only available discharge is to a leach field or septic system.

In 2016, Hydro Engineering Inc. is re-introducing updated reclaiming equipment to screen printers, worldwide. The new Hydroblaster™ pressure washers have been upgraded to include UL 1776 certifications insuring safe option while maintaining optimal pressures and flows for the screen print reclaim process.

The new Hydrobooth backlit washout sinks have been re-engineered for reclaiming screens from 40" wide to 168" wide and 48" high to 96" high. The same Hydrobooths that have been in operation as long as 35 years are now even better because of updated design and manufacturing processes.

A lot of changes have happened with the Hydrokleen™ water filtration and recycling equipment since 1986. The entire family of Hydrokleen is UL979 certified. Over the years, requirements for both recycling and discharging effluent to sewer have required process changes in both the way screens are cleaned and the handling of the effluent. The screen reclaiming industry drove Hydro Engineering Inc.'s water filtration and recycling equipment to where it has been used in varying application around the world today.

For added productivity, Hydro Engineering has created the Automatic Reclaim System (ARS). This system allows for instantaneous screen reclaiming simply by placing the screen into the system and sitting back while it does the work. Think of it like a carwash for your screens. The ARS removes the operator from having to control a Hydroblaster in the screen reclaim process. Screens still have to be loaded and removed from the ARS, but can be processed at 1" per second cleaning both sides of the screen simultaneously. That means that a 24" x 32" screen can be reclaimed in just 24 seconds.

By streamlining the reclaiming process, Hydro Engineering helps a wide array of businesses to achieve peak productivity while reclaiming screens responsibly. Whether the business is a start-up company with 50 different designs or a full scale shop with thousands; Hydro has the tools to make the reclaim department safe and environmentally sound.

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