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The Problem: How to tilt a 14 foot wide by 42 foot long platform containing a
slab of cement weighing 60,000 pounds from a horizontal position to 80 degrees
from the horizon in an arc with a distance of 93 inches. The platform and cement
slab are on a mobile truck trailer, no electricity is available and space under the
platform is limited to about 3 feet.

The Solution: Provide a battery start, 24 horsepower, gasoline engine driven hydraulic
power unit system with (4) five-stage telescopic cylinders along with all
necessary manually operated valve controls. Additional requirements of the system
included the ability to provide power and motion to (2) outrigger stabilizer
arms that must be moved horizontally a distance of five feet and vertically down
two feet, prior to any attempt to tilt the platform, in order to assure there was no
possibility the trailer would tip over from an unbalanced load.

Features of the system provided by Miller Bearings included passive interlocks,
preventing operator error, assuring that the outrigger stabilizer arms were set in
place prior to any attempts to raise the platform.

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