Hydraulic Presses are available in 25-100 ton models.

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Featuring heavy-duty steel weldments, C-Frame Hydraulic Presses deliver full pressing force at any point through range of ram stroke, which offers adjustable force of 25-100%. Presses include precision-guided ram, removable bolsters, and light curtain, as well as rapid advance, pressure, and distance reversal features, along with water and oil cooling and AddisonMckee HMI. Imperial or metric versions are available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 ton variants.

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AddisonMckee Launches New Range Of C-Frame Hydraulic Presses

Pressing solution: AddisonMckee launches new range of C-Frame Hydraulic Presses

World-leading tube manipulation technology specialists, AddisonMckee, have introduced a brand new range of C-frame hydraulic press solutions, with each model designed to offer the industry-leading precision, performance, capability and reliability that has become synonymous with the AddisonMckee brand.

Available in 25-, 50-, 75- and 100-ton variants, and utilizing highly proven machine designs, models can be tailored to each customer's most specific requirements and feature heavy-duty steel weldments as well as a superior guidance system designed to ensure advanced precision and reliability.

Favored choice
Recognizing that the hydraulic press remains the favored press choice for modern manufacturing industry over traditional mechanical presses, AddisonMckee models offer key advantages including the ability to deliver full pressing force at any point through the range of the ram stroke and advanced controllability.

Variable force
Aware that one of the key considerations when choosing a hydraulic press is the amount of force necessary to perform the function required - as well as desired operation speed - AddisonMckee models have also been purpose designed to offer variable force and reduced set-up time.

Commented AddisonMckee Director of Global Marketing, Christian Rogiers, "Over recent months, several AddisonMckee customers have asked us to develop a high quality hydraulic press solution capable of integrating with their existing manufacturing facilities. We are, therefore, pleased to introduce the C-Frame Presses range - a choice of models designed to facilitate a wide variety of tube forming demands all to the standards that are quite naturally expected of AddisonMckee."

Considerable features
Suited to most stamping, punching, blanking, drawing and bending applications, AddisonMckee C-Frame models feature precision-guide ram, removable bolsters, light curtain and the convenience of single hand start. Rapid advance, pressure and distance reversal features are included in the machine design, while the quick set adjustable ram stroke offers adjustable force of 25% - 100%. Water and oil cooling is provided as is AddisonMckee HMI for machine set-up and alarms.

Available options include imperial or metric versions, tee slots in upper/lower boster, U-slot or hole in bed/boster, slug pan, air/oil cooler, ram speed control and a comprehensive package for auxiliary devices.

About AddisonMckee
Globally renowned for the design, manufacture and supply of some of the world's finest tube bending and end forming technologies - for increasingly complex automotive, aviation, truck and shipbuilding requirements - AddisonMckee also offers highly innovative tube measuring solutions, tube perforation, piercing and louvring technologies, hydraulic press machinery, muffler assembly solutions, plant automation and complete workcell integration.

In addition to these capabilities, a whole range of tooling and accessory options are also provided, as are comprehensive maintenance and service contracts, training and education programs and financial services. Where applicable, AddisonMckee is also able to offer customers the opportunity of machine rebuilds, refurbishment, upgrades and trade-ins.

From its state-of-the-art manufacturing centers in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada and China, AddisonMckee is committed to providing rapid solutions to market and also regularly assists clients in product prototyping, parts development, small production runs and pre-production sample development.

AddisonMckee is principally owned by WHI Capital Partners (WHICP), a Chicago-based private equity group that invests in middle market, industry-leading companies with solid financial fundamentals and proven management teams. WHICP is an affiliate of William Harris Investors, Inc., a family-based asset management firm founded by Irving B. Harris in 1987.

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Christian Rogiers - AddisonMckee
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Tel: +1 513 228 7076
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