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Formulated with proprietary additive technology, mineral oil-based Tellus® and Tellus® Premium Hydraulic Oils provide equipment wear protection, helping reduce premature pump failure and increase system efficiency. Hydrolytic stability provides resistance to degradation in presence of water, and thermal and oxidative stability results in longer fluid life and optimum machine performance. Oils are available in variety of packages and viscosities.

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Shell Launches Next-Generation Advanced Hydraulic Oil

New Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium offer better, longer lasting hydraulic wear protection than any other leading brand, keeping manufacturing equipment in healthy working order

NOVEMBER 2004-HOUSTON. Shell today announced it has launched an innovative new generation of hydraulic oils, Shell Tellus® and Shell Tellus® Premium, designed with features that deliver a major advancement in equipment wear protection. Shell Tellus and Tellus Premium oils offer better wear protection than major brands, as measured by a variation of the ASTM D 2882 vane pump test, helping to reduce premature pump failures, increase system efficiency and reduce component failure. This in turn helps to provide an effective solution to companies seeking to reduce machinery downtime and maximize plant productivity.

Shell formulated the new products over four years of extensive testing, research and development. Designed to meet increasingly demanding applications for hydraulic oils, next-generation Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium oils provide a range of high-performance mineral oil-based fluids, suitable for use in a variety of hydraulic applications to help keep manufacturing equipment in excellent working order. Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium have been developed with patented additive technology that provides maximum wear protection at both high- and low-load condition extremes. The new Shell-patented hydraulic oil chemistry delivers products with excellent performance in comparison to leading hydraulic oils available in today's market.

"Industry studies suggest that as much as 70% of all hydraulic system operating difficulties are due to improper oil condition," said Drew Johnson, Shell's US Sector Marketing Manager for General Industrial Lubricants. "Using poorly formulated hydraulic oils can lead to corrosion, contamination, sludge build-up, filter blocking and increased wear, resulting in more maintenance requirements and costly downtime."

Next-generation Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium Oils are formulated help overcome such problems thanks to their unique patented additive system, designed to help make sure the hydraulic system remains clean and performance is maintained, even under harsh operating conditions. Their excellent thermal and oxidative stability results in longer fluid life and optimum machine performance.

The Shell Tellus products also exhibit outstanding hydrolytic stability -- resistance to degradation in the presence of water -- enhancing protection from acid corrosion and possible equipment breakdown. Next-generation Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium help minimize operating costs that may previously have been regarded as unavoidable or part of routine operating procedures.

Additionally, filterability is enhanced by the new Tellus technology. The presence of water and foreign contaminants can impede filtration in poorly formulated products, leading to higher filter costs, manpower expense and inadequate system cleanliness. Shell Tellus products filter efficiently wet or dry, and perform well in the presence of contaminants such as calcium.

Drew Johnson added, "Next Generation Shell Tellus and Tellus Premium build on all the inherent benefits of the former Tellus Plus range of hydraulic oils, with improved features that take hydraulic oil performance to a different level. We believe these new oils can help extend maintenance intervals and help reduce the premature failure of our customers' equipment resulting in an increase in productivity."

The new Tellus range of hydraulic oils is available in a wide variety of packages and viscosities and supplemented by an extensive choice of support services, including Shell Care Oil Analysis and Shell On-Site Oil Reclamation. Shell Care analyzes the oil samples taken from customers' equipment to assess machinery and oil condition to help identify potential problems. With a staff of knowledgeable, customer-focused, field-based Shell lubrication specialists, Shell helps customers maximize the array of Shell Tellus advantages, enhancing the smooth operation of machinery, equipment and systems.

A global leader in hydraulic oils, Shell has produced the Tellus brand for over 55 years. The Shell Tellus line is among the top-selling brands of hydraulic oils around the world. Ongoing liaison, testing and research in tight association with world-leading hydraulic OEMs, and testing against major international quality standards including ISO and DIN, helps to ensure the next generation of Shell Tellus and Shell Tellus Premium products keep Shell on the cutting edge of the lubricant industry.

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