Hydraulic Mulches incorporate barbed fibers.

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Bindex(TM) hydraulic mulches are made with Curlex® fibers, which are barbed and cling to one another as well as soil being protected, enhancing performance characteristics. Specific products include Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM); Bindex Wood, wood fiber mulch with or without tackifier; and Bindex Blend, wood‐paper blend mulch with or without tackifier.

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American Excelsior Company Announces New Bindex Family of Hydraulic Mulches Product Line

American Excelsior Company is introducing a new line of hydraulic mulch products made with Curlex fibers at the 2011 IECA show in Orlando, Florida under the trade name of Bindex(TM)

Arlington, Texas

American Excelsior Company announced today that they are introducing a new innovative family of hydraulic mulches called Bindex(TM) at this year's International Erosion Control Association (IECA) tradeshow being held in Orlando, Florida later this month. This new family of hydraulic mulches includes a Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) along with Bindex Wood (wood fiber mulch with or without tackifier) and Bindex Blend (wood‐paper blend mulch with or without tackifier). All of these hydraulic mulches will use the company's heavily branded Curlex® fibers as a component to enhance the performance characteristics of Bindex. Curlex fibers are well known in the erosion control industry for their unique "barbed" fibers and their ability to cling to one another and to the soil being protected.

Jerry Bohannon, Director of the Earth Science Division said, "The addition of Bindex will add to the company's strong brand of erosion and sediment products, allowing the company to take an industry leadership role in offering mixed loads of erosion and sediment control products on the same truck from six locations throughout the U.S. The efficiency of this "Best Cost Delivery System" lowers freight costs and lowers inventory needs to the company's customers."

More information about American Excelsior Company or their products can be obtained by visiting: www.curlex.com or by contacting: Marsha Shaw - Director of Customer Service - (800) 777‐SOIL or e‐mailing her at: mshaw@americanexcelsior.com

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