Hydraulic Motor handles harsh operation conditions.

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Suited for construction and agricultural machinery, low-speed/high-torque Model D9 uses dual tapered roller bearings and double-lipped Teflon® shaft seals. Eight lobe and 9 pocket Roller Stator® facilitates smooth motor operation, while eliminating need for gearbox in many applications. Available in 9 displacements from 15.6-62.7 in³/rev, motor offers continuous operating speeds from 197-550 rpm and maximum continuous torque capacity of 6,750-20,265 lbf-in.

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White Hydraulics, Inc. Introduces NEW Low-Speed/High-Torque Hydraulic Motor Line For Construction and Agricultural Machinery and Attachments

Hopkinsville, KY - White Hydraulics, Inc. is proud to announce the release of our NEW D9 low-speed/high-torque motor line. "The D9 motor line represents an expansion of our leadership role in the construction and agricultural machinery market by allowing us to offer our customers products that satisfy a multitude of applications," says Jeff Englehardt, Director of Marketing. "The D9 motors are ruggedly constructed to handle the harsh operating conditions of construction and agricultural machinery and their attachments, such as large sweeping brooms and brush cutters to name a couple" says Dick Zachary, Applications Engineer.

The motor uses dual tapered roller bearings and double-lipped Teflon shaft seals for increased load carry capacity, and longer motor and seal life at increased operating pressures. The 8 lobe and 9 pocket Roller Stator® design facilitates smooth motor operation and torque profiles while eliminating the need for a gearbox in many applications.

It's available in 9 displacements from 15.6 to 62.7 in3/rev. with continuous operating speeds from 197 to 550 RPM. Its maximum continuous torque capacity ranges from 6,750 to 20,265 lbf-in. The motor is rated for a maximum continuous input pressure rating of 3,000 psi and a maximum temperature of 180°F.

The motor is available in SAE C, Euro and Wheel motor mounts with 11 shaft configurations and 4 porting options to choose from

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Founded in 1977, White Hydraulics is the world's largest independent manufacturer of low speed high torque hydraulics motors. Complimentary products include brakes, flow dividers, variable displacement piston pumps and accessories. Product, service and support are available worldwide through our facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia and our global network of over 170 distributors.

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