Hydraulic Intensifier operates below sea level.

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Hydraulically-Powered Intensifier can pump seawater 10,000 ft below sea level. It operates at discharge pressures of 30,000 psi and at environmental pressure up to 2,100 psi. Manufactured with seawater-resistant materials, unit withstands both external and internal pressure to eliminate intrusion of seawater. Intensifier is powered by hydraulic oil, uses no electrical components, and can be used in any orientation.

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EPSI Receives Order To Manufacture Intensifier To Operate Beneath Sea Level

EPSI Adds New Item to Its Family of High-Pressure Components

EPSI (Engineered Pressure Systems, Inc.), a world leader in custom-engineered high pressure solutions, has recently received an order to manufacturer a hydraulically powered Intensifier to pump seawater 10,000 ft. below sea level. EPSI developed the unique Intensifier to operate at discharge pressures of 200 Mpa (30,000 psi) and at an environment pressure of up to 30 Mpa (2,100 psi).

EPSI's hydraulically powered Intensifier was specifically designed to withstand both external and internal pressure to eliminate intrusion of seawater. All components are manufactured with seawater-resistant materials to withstand the harsh weathering effects of elements like saltwater and mud. The Intensifier is powered by hydraulic oil and uses no electrical components. Special considerations are given to the ease and cost of maintenance after service in the hostile environment of the sea bed. EPSI's Intensifier is lightweight, and can be used in any orientation. The intensifier is also suitable for any environment which prohibits the use of electricity.

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