Hydratight Experience and Quality Wins Contract for MORGRIP

Hydratight's experience and quality has won the company a major MORGRIP connector contract with government-run Israel Natural Gas Lines in Tel Aviv.

In 2005, Hydratight was hired to help repair a subsea 30in main gas pipe which supplies the fuel to provide 25 per cent of the country's electrical power. Pipelines rarely have a more critical role in national power generation.

Damage caused by a ship's anchor was repaired in under 24 hours - thanks to the use of MORGRIP, Hydratight's unique weldless connectors.

To guard against the possibility of future damage in this super-critical supply pipe,
in 2009 INGL decided to acquire contingency facilities.

Though Hydratight's MORGRIP team didn't present the lowest-priced tender, INGL realised MORGRIP was the best solution and has acquired two more MORGRIP 30in connectors and associated components.

"What swung it for us, apart from our track record and a quick, secure repair the first time, was the solid expertise and engineering advice we were able to offer INGL," said MORGRIP team leader Paul Hughes.

"We supported the company with drawings, installation procedures and maintenance and storage procedures even before the order was won and that information filled-in many of the customer's knowledge gaps."

INGL now effectively has a rapid-repair kit, which can be brought into use by its own experts very quickly. The connectors will stand in specially-made storage bags that provide a stable environment and prevent corrosion.

"This was a definite case of solid engineering expertise paying off on a very high
profile emergency repair project," said Paul. "If repairs are needed, our engineers will assist in deploying the connectors."

Hydratight is hopeful that INGL's significant future onshore plans will now include other Hydratight products and services.

For more information about MORGRIP, email morgrip@hydratight.com

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