Hydracheck ® Introduces Fluid Power Safety Institute(TM)'s DVD, The Lethal Strike FPSI(TM) Pioneers Their First Safety DVD On Oil Injection Injuries

Unfortunately, discussions of hydraulic accidents all too often remain within the families that have been affected by them. To this day, hydraulic-related injuries are not recognized by either private or state institutions as an occupational hazard; leaving the realities of hydraulic injuries shadowed by the misunderstanding of fluid power. Although fluid power injuries are left unrecorded and unacknowledged, the injuries are real and significant, and have grown to unacceptable numbers.

Fluid Power Safety Institute(TM) (FPSI(TM)) recognizes the risks in working with hydraulic systems and understands the key to solving hydraulic injuries. FPSI(TM) has taken it upon themselves to change the way in which people approach fluid power, and are accomplishing this through their new educational program. Focusing on the importance of safety in the workplace, FPSI(TM) has pioneered their first hydraulic safety DVD that covers the most prominent injury in the field; showing how the injury happens, how it can be prevented, and what to do when it occurs.

To engage the audience, The Lethal Strike presents hydraulic accidents in an actual working environment. Furthermore, the accidents are portrayed in real-time, and shows the chronology of the employee from pre-accident, the time of the injury, to post-injury; and how each of the moments play an integral role in the person's physical well-being.

The Lethal Strike focuses on the procedures for properly managing oil injection injuries. The severity of these injuries are often undermined by the fact that they have the appearance of being a minor, superficial wound; and that is why the victim generally does not treat it as a medical emergency. Urgency is the key to making sure these injuries do not become a life changing event.

FPSI(TM)'s goal in making this DVD is to create a culture of awareness in the hydraulic industry and to stop preventable accidents from happening. FPSI(TM) continuously works to help companies and their employees meet compliance with the law and make their work environment secure. The DVD will be for sale through HydraCheck®, the most reliable source for hydraulic troubleshooting, service, and maintenance needs.

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