Hydlar Products Available at Emco Plastics!

Emco Plastics, Cedar Grove, NJ is an international supplier of all Hydlar(TM) materials including Hydlar(TM) Z, Hydlar(TM) ZT, and Hydlar(TM) ZM. Hydlar(TM) is an engineered thermoplastic composite that is reinforced with Kevlar® Aramid fibers.

Because of its excellent abrasion and wear resistance, this material is ideal for bearings, wear strips, rollers, and gears. Hydlar(TM) Z combines the properties of Nylon with the strength and wear resistance of Kevlar®. Hydlar(TM) ZM has the added benefit of a small amount of Molybdenum Disulphide for improved surface hardness and increased lubricity, resulting in improved wear resistance. Hydlar(TM) ZT is mixed with a small amount of PTFE for increased wear resistance.

These materials make it possible to achieve low abrasiveness without sacrificing low wear rates. They also improve mechanical properties and increases surface temperature capabilities.

For more information on Hydlar(TM) or for pricing information, call 800-292-9906 or visit our website at www.emcoplastics.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_ID=88 .

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