Hybrid Stepper Motors feature neodymium magnets.

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MAE(TM) N Series includes 4 models with precision-honed stators, ground rotors, and step resolutions of 1.8° in full-step mode. Offered in lengths of 2.64, 3.70, or 4.92 in., MAE Size 34 motors achieve holding torques of 397, 680, or 1,076 oz-in. Size 42 motors are 5.51 in. long and achieve holding torque of 1,024 oz-in. Available with 4, 6, or 8 leads, motors are optimized for microstep operation. Rotation can run clockwise or counterclockwise.

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MAE(TM) 'N Series' Hybrid Stepper Motors Deliver Maximum Torque for Superior Acceleration

New MAE(TM) "N Series" hybrid stepper motors available from PennEngineering® Motion Technologies feature neodymium magnets for maximum torque and superior acceleration.

MAE "N Series" hybrid stepper motors are offered in two standard NEMA frame sizes (34 and 42) and four models with step resolutions of 1.8º (200 steps per rev) in full-step mode. They feature precision-honed stators and ground rotors for tight air gap and maximum performance; 4, 6, or 8 leads upon request; single- or doubled-ended shaft extensions; and simple, rugged construction for high reliability and long service life.

MAE Size 34 stepper motors (lengths 2.64", 3.70", or 4.92") can achieve holding torques (bipolar) of 397 oz-in, 680 oz-in, or 1076 oz-in (depending on model) and MAE Size 42 stepper motors (5.51" in length) can achieve holding torques (bipolar) of 1204 oz-in.

These motors are optimized for microstep operation and motor rotation can run clockwise or counterclockwise.

Value-added customization options include gearboxes, encoders, shaft details, and leadwire-connector assemblies, and additional windings, among others. All MAE hybrid stepper motors are CE approved and manufactured according to EN 60034-1:1995-02 specifications.

Contact John S. Wolfe, PennEngineering Motion Technologies, 343 Godshall Drive, Harleysville, PA 19438-0003. Phones: 877-748-8626 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 215-256-6601; Fax: 215-256-1338. Web site: www.pennmotion.com

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