Hybrid Step Motor incorporates torque-optimizing magnets.

Press Release Summary:

RoHS-compliant h3 Series incorporates enhancing magnets, inserted between each stator tooth, to optimize torque output across entire speed range. Supplied in aluminum housing for optimal heat dissipation, these 1.8° step motors feature Neodymium iron boron magnets as well as bearing retainer and o-ring. Larger bearings enable motor to handle higher side and radial loads. They are available in NEMA 17, 23, and 34 frame sizes, with various stack lengths available in each frame size.

Original Press Release:

New Enhanced Design Delivers 25% More Torque from Portescap's Industry-Leading h3 Stepper Motors

WEST CHESTER, PA - Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, introduces a stator-enhanced version of its h3 Series Step Motors. New h3 models feature patented enhancing magnets in the stator to provide 25+% more torque output across the entire speed range compared with original h3 models, which already deliver up to 40% more torque than traditional hybrid step motors.

"The increased torque is achieved through additional stator magnets that are inserted between each stator tooth. These block the magnetic field from flowing around the stator teeth, which forces more of the magnetic field to flow through each tooth to produce the highest torque output of any hybrid step motor available today," says Dave Beckstoffer, Portescap Product Specialist, Stepper Technologies.

With its industry-leading efficiency and performance, the h3 allows machine builders to reduce the size and weight of their machine by utilizing a smaller motor to deliver the same performance of larger hybrid steppers. This further allows machine builders to use smaller drives, which reduces power requirements and overall system costs. Machine builders using the same size h3 as a standard hybrid will realize increased machine throughput. As a result, these RoHS-compliant hybrid step motors are an ideal solution in medical device, semiconductor equipment and laboratory instrumentation applications.

These 1.8-degree step motors feature aluminum housing for superior heat dissipation, Neodymium iron boron magnets for optimized torque density, and a bearing retainer and o-ring to help reduce motor noise. Larger bearings enable the motor to effectively handle higher side and radial loads. They are available in NEMA 17, 23 and 34 frame sizes, with various stack lengths available in each frame size. Windings can be customized to suit individual application needs.

About Portescap
Portescap offers the broadest miniature and specialty motor product line in the industry, encompassing coreless brush DC, brushless DC, stepper can stack, gear heads, digital linear actuators, disc magnet and hybrid technology. Portescap products have been solving diverse motion control needs in medical, semiconductor, HVAC, aerospace and commercial applications for more than 70 years. Portescap has manufacturing centers in the United States, Malaysia, and India and utilizes a Global Product Development network with research and development centers in the United States, India, Singapore, and Switzerland.

Portescap, a Danaher Motion company, 110 Westtown Road, West Chester, PA 19382; 1-610-235-5499; fax: 1-610-696-4294; sales.america@portescap.com; www.portescap.com.

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