Hybrid Mini USB Jack features 10-pole SMT design.

Press Release Summary:

Mini USB jack, model 020200MB010S565ZL, offers contact pitch that allows it to be mated with 10-pin hybrid Mini USB plugs as well with 5-pin standard Mini USB plugs. Additional 5 contacts can be used for audio- or data-transfer, and for measuring and testing, jack can also be switched as JTAG interface. Featuring height above PCB of 2.7 mm, unit has 2 plastic positioning pegs that secure it at insertion and unmating, and 4 SMD solder latches at sides for mechanical stability.

Original Press Release:

Hybrid Mini- USB Jack: 10-Pole SMT Version for Space Saving 'in-Board'-Mounting

SUYIN has released a new hybrid Mini USB jack being equipped with total 10 mating circuits. The additional five contacts offer various additional input/output possibilities. The contact pitch allows the Mini USB jack to be mated with 10-pin hybrid Mini USB plugs as well with 5-pin standard Mini USB plugs. The additional five "free" contacts can be used i.e. for audio- or data-transfer including GPS-signalling and/or for additional power or grounding connection. For measuring and test purposes the SUYIN hybrid Mini USB jack also can be switched as JTAG interface. The component is being mounted into a cut-out of the PCB making it ideal for height-sensitive applications. The final height above the PCB is reduced to only 2.7mm. Two plastic positioning pegs support a high-precision placement and secure optimum hold at insertion and un-mating. Four SMD solder latches at the sides provide additional mechanical stability.

Typical applications are consumer electronic devices and systems such as mobile phones, DECT phones, PDAs, digital cameras, video cameras and MP3 player but also industrial electronic applications with high-performance requirements.

Connector type Hybrid Mini- USB Jack
Pin number 10-pole
PCB orientation right-angled
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) 10.2 x 10.5 x 3.7
Part number 020200MB010S565ZL

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