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Hybrid Glass Lenses correct chromatic aberrations.

Press Release Summary:

Nov 16, 2004 - Aspheric-Diffractive, Molded Glass Lenses provide color correction in visible spectrum and minimize wavelength aberrations in near infrared region. Lenses are suited for medical endoscopes, tunable lasers used in communications, and lens systems for CCD cameras.

LightPath Technologies, Inc. - Orlando, FL

Original Press Release

LightPath Technologies Announces a New Color Correcting Aspheric-Diffractive Hybrid Molded Glass Lenses

Press release date: Nov 10, 2004

Now Available Color Correcting Diffractive Aspheric Molded Glass Lens

ORLANDO, Fla., Nov. 10 - LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:LPTH) , manufacturer and integrator of families of precision molded aspheric optics, GRADIUM(R) glass products, high performance fiber-optic beam delivery systems and optical isolators, is pleased to announce a new line of optical products for correcting chromatic aberrations caused by wavelength variations. These new glass molded aspheric-diffractive lenses, also called hybrid lenses can be used over a variety of wavelengths and applications, including medical endoscopes, tunable lasers used in communications and lens systems for CCD cameras.

The application targets for this technology are color correction in the visible spectrum and minimizing wavelength aberrations in the near infrared region.

Edward Patton, LightPath's Vice President Marketing said, "These new molded aspheric glass lens designs will allow customers to correct optical aberrations caused by variations in wavelength using only a singlet glass lens. Typically the solution for this problem has been to use an achromatic doublet or triplet (if even greater correction is needed), but by using LightPath's unique precision molded aspheric-diffractive hybrid lenses, customers can fix these issues in a single molded glass lens, reducing weight, volume and parts count. LightPath has its first product (LightPath PN # 350782C) in production to correct aberrations over the C and L bands for communications and is designing a new lens for the endoscopy market to enable lighter more compact designs for visible wavelengths."

This new lens type is currently available for production from LightPath for integration into OEM designs. Please contact sales for more information.

LightPath manufactures optical products including precision molded aspheric optics, GRADIUM(R) glass products, proprietary collimator assemblies, laser components utilizing proprietary automation technology, higher-level assemblies and packaging solutions. LightPath has a strong patent portfolio that has been granted or licensed to us in these fields. LightPath common stock trades on the Nasdaq SmallCap Market under the symbol LPTH.

Contacts: Edward Patton, Vice President of Marketing LightPath Technologies, Inc. (407) 382-4003 Internet: