Hy-Safe Technology Offers Fail-Safe and Foolproof Vacuum Anchor by Capital Safety

Portable lightweight system decreases downtime and effort, and increases productivity
without compromising safety.

With a Vacuum Anchor System at your workers' side, they can anchor to virtually any smooth, non-porous surface. By eliminating the need to drill or weld, the Vacuum Anchor System can decrease downtime and effort, and increase productivity. The Vacuum Anchor System gives workers all the access and freedom of movement they want, without compromising their safety. This fall arrest system features soft and natural rubber blend seals that enable them to fasten safety and securely without damaging the work surface. The rubber seal won't breakdown and will last in a harsh environment leaving no residue.

The Vacuum Anchor System is lightweight and completely self-contained weighing only at 19.9 lbs; making it easy to transport and use. It can easily be taken to a job site for routine maintenance and safety checks. Approved for horizontal lifeline use, the Vacuum Anchor System can create a continuous anchor point for added safety and mobility by simply connecting a horizontal lifeline between two or more Vacuum Anchor Pads (up to two person capacity).

With no separate pumps, vacuum hoses or other components, this system can be powered up quickly and easily with a single, on-board 48- cubic inch compressed gas bottle or a large capacity detached bottle, or shop air. The Vacuum Anchor features fail-safe back-up systems with audio alarms and a vacuum level indicator for absolute safety and security. The Vacuum Anchor System by Capital Safety is OSHA, CE, and AS/NZS compliant, and is independently tested and approved for fall arrest applications.

Hy-Safe Technology provides turnkey fall protection solutions through innovative design, total dedication to customer service, and a complete range of fall protection equipment. Hy-Safe Technology is a certified installer and distributer of Capital Safety. Contact Hy-Safe Technology today for more information 800.642.0775 www.hysafe.com info@hysafe.com. View product listing here www.hysafe.com/products/product.php?productid=199&cat=15&page=1

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