HW Metal Products Further Expands Plasma Cutting Capabilities

HW Metal Products once again pushes the plasma cutting envelope, with the purchase of the Messer TMC 4520 Duel Beam Plasma Burning Table. The 12' x 90' cutting surface further expands HW Metals' cutting capabilities and the 4 HPR400 torches are capable of cutting up to 3" thick material. The second beam consists of a state-of-the-art 4" 24 bit automatic drill changer, capable of drilling a 4" hole into 4" thick steel plate.  Also situated on the front beam is a Multi-jet ink jet marker with rotation.


Josh Suter, VP of Sales and Marketing says," This new Messer plasma cutting equipment provides us incredible speed and versatility, especially since it is capability to cut, drill, bevel and label all with 1 piece of equipment. This is very exciting for us, as this translates into cost savings for our customers." Josh added that they cut and process not only the small and medium sized metal parts, but that they specialize in the large, long sizes, which are beyond the capabilities of their competitors. That they produce parts and components of all shapes, sizes and thicknesses, in quantities to meet their customers' needs.

HW Metals is a full-service steel fabrication service and custom tube manufacturer, specializing in the steel processing of parts up to 60 feet in length. They provide turnkey services for metal products of all shapes and sizes, with plasma burning up to 90' long, laser cutting to 60', punching to 60', forming to 60', custom tubing to 60', plus mig welding and submerged arc welding, with complete secondary operations. All fabrication in a fully-enclosed, 120,000 ft. facility, which houses all the mill-sourced materials. sizes. Materials processed include aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel. Industries served include rail, marine, truck trailers & bodies, mining, infrastructure, electrical and communication towers, bridges.

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