HVLP Spray Station sprays as fine as 1.0 in.

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Featuring 2-stage turbine, 800 W Earlex® Spray Station 5000 has adjustable gun nozzle that provides round, horizontal, and vertical spray patterns. Non-corrosive, Teflon®-coated gun includes neon on/off switch and liquid capacity of 1 qt. System is equipped with 9.5 ft hose, 5.6 ft main cable, 2 masks, and long carry handle for transporting to job site. It is suited for spraying decking, sheds, siding, fencing, and furniture, as well as woodworking applications.

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Earlex® Expands HVLP Spray Technology Line to Maintenance Professionals

CHARLOTTE, N.C-- Earlex®, Inc. of Charlotte, N.C. has expanded its line of HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure) spraying systems to maintenance professionals with the introduction of the powerful 800 Watt, two stage-turbine Earlex® Spray Station 5000.

The new Earlex® Spray Station 5000 applies paint evenly for a professional finish, results in less overspray and paint waste and allows the user greater control and versatility in application. Lighter and less noisy than buzz guns, the Spray Station 5000 can result in significant savings in paint costs since less overspray requires less paint.

A world leader and pioneer in HVLP spraying technology, the Earlex® Spray Station line is known as "the new way to spray" due to efficiency in application, greater control and price competitiveness with buzz guns.

Like all systems in the Spray Station line, the Earlex® Spray Station 5000 achieves a perfect "piano" finish leaving no visible brush marks.

The new top of the line Spray Station 5000 can be used for spraying a wide variety of surfaces such as decking, sheds and siding and detail work such as fencing, iron gates and furniture. It can also be used for numerous woodworking applications.

"High Volume Low Pressure spraying is where the turbine motor feeds a high volume of air through a spray gun at very low pressure," noted Ian Mullaney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Earlex. "This gives the user greater control of the spray and makes it much easier to achieve a higher quality finish with little experience or skill. Even a beginner can get a professional looking finish with no brush marks."

Earlex® Spray Station 5000 Detailed
Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the motor of the Earlex® Spray Station 5000 supplies the gun with a constant airflow for applying paint, as well as other materials, such as lacquer, varnish, enamels, acrylics, cellulose and polyurethanes.

The easy-to-adjust gun nozzle allows use of three different spray patterns: round, horizontal and vertical. It sprays as fine as 1.0 inch that provides a high quality, professional finish.

Teflon-coated, the spray gun is made of hardwearing, non-corrosive material and is easy to clean and maintain. A neon on/off switch allows simple and safe control. Liquid capacity of the gun is a quart.

The Spray Station 5000 comes with a 9.5 ft. hose, a 5.6 ft. main cable and two masks. Storage for components is provided on the unit for convenience. A long carry handle makes it easy for the user to transport on the job site. The unit weighs 12.3 lbs. and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

"The Spray Station 5000, along with the other Earlex HVLP Spray Stations, is being accepted as 'the new way to spray' due to the benefits and narrowing price gap over buzz guns," said Mullaney. "HVLP Spray Stations offer a fast and simple alternative to currently available buzz guns and save money since paint transfer efficiencies are as high as 98 percent making your paint go further. In three to five years, we predict HVLP Spray Stations will replace buzz guns altogether as the consumer benefits are very appealing."

Besides the Spray Station 5000, other systems in the Earlex® line include the Spray Station 500, an entry level system, the Spray Station 3000 for frequent decorators and the Spray Station 4000 for semi-professional use. The manufactured retail price for the HVLP Spray Station line varies from $69.99 to the mid $200's, depending on the

In addition to the HVLP Spray Stations, Ealrex® markets a complete line of decorating power tools including wallpaper strippers, cordless paint systems, electric spray guns and heat guns. The company also manufactures a line of steam cleaners and floor care products.

Formed in 1987 in the United Kingdom, Earlex® markets its products in over 25 countries in Europe plus Australia and New Zealand. Besides the U.S., the company also has a wholly owned subsidiary in France. Until January 2005, Earlex® supplied decorating power tools to Wagner Spraytech.

For more information on the Earlex® Spray Station 5000 or other products in the home decorating market, Contact Earlex, Inc. at 8261 Hwy 73, Suite F, Stanley, N.C. 28164. Telephone is 1-888-783-2612 or (704) 827-7889, FAX is (704) 827-7849 and e-mail is sales@earlex.com. Earlex can also be found on the web at www.earlex.com.

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