HVAC Register System sends conditioned air where it is needed.

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Suited for retrofit projects as well as new construction, inVENT works by manually regulating aerodynamic principals of HVAC system, such as throw and velocity of air that enters room. System moves conditioned air into room at high speed and causes air to grip ceiling, floor, and walls, providing even air distribution. Homeowners benefit from balanced room temperatures, minimized direct drafts and noise, and ability to make changes based on outdoor temperatures or personal preferences.

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Advector Systems Makes HVAC Efficiency Affordable

GRAPEVINE, Texas, - Green and energy efficient products may be the way of the future, but they can't have an impact if no one can afford them.

In an effort to bring functional, stylish and cost effective energy efficient solutions to homeowners and contractors, Advector Systems announced today the availability of their manually adjustable inVENT HVAC register system.

"Most homes can be retrofitted with the inVENT solution for under $245," said Shawn Grennan, Advector Systems Managing Director. "The installation can be completed in less than 30 minutes and with little more than a screwdriver."

Homeowners are staying in the same place longer and looking for ways to remodel their existing homes for added comfort and cost savings. A recent survey showed that nearly 60% of Americans are considering green alternatives for their next home improvement project. Contractors that are familiar with the latest in low cost energy efficient technology will have an advantage when working on these retrofit applications.

In addition to uses in retrofit projects, the inVENT has also been designed as a new construction solution. The inVENT for new construction comes complete with a custom installation solution that reduces deployment time and provides home builders with a designer product that offers energy saving and comfort enhancing features for their buyers.

The inVENT works by manually regulating aerodynamic principals of the HVAC system like the throw and the velocity of the air that enters the room. The inVENT technology moves conditioned air into the room at a higher speed than traditional registers and causes the air to "grip" the ceiling, floor and walls making it an optimal solution for even air distribution. Homeowners will have more balanced room temperatures, fewer direct drafts, substantially reduced HVAC noise when compared to traditional registers, and the ability to make changes based on outdoor temperatures or personal comfort preferences.

"We all have those rooms in our homes that don't get the correct amount of conditioned air and end up feeling much too cold or way too hot. The inVENT allows you to make adjustments to your HVAC system and send the condition air to where it is needed," said Boris Medic, Advector System Co-founder and inVENT designer.

"Reducing the time that your HVAC system is on will lower your energy bills," said Grennan. "And by directing the conditioned air to high priority rooms, and away from unoccupied spaces, the inVENT will allow you to achieve your comfort goals as quickly as possible and ultimately reduce the amount of time your HVAC unit is on."


Advector Systems is a wireless automation zone control manufacturer focused on the functional use of advanced technology to provide builders, contractors and home owners with a cost effective, feature rich and energy efficient HVAC control solutions. For more information visit: www.advectorsystems.com


Sunday Grennan of Advector Systems,



Web Site: www.advectorsystems.com

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