HVAC Manifold Pressure Gauges offer different sight glasses.

Press Release Summary:

Vision(TM) offers manifold that facilitates refrigerant/oil inspection via deep well, see-thru sight glass that uses ambient light for illumination. FireFly(TM) combines built-in 2x magnifying sight glass with white or blue LED backlighting to illuminate refrigerant/contaminants and help determine whether system has UV dye. Operated by ergonomically placed on/off switch, backlight illuminates sight-glass for accurate refrigerant system diagnostics.

Original Press Release:

Seeing Is Believing: Cliplight Intros HVAC's 1st Manifold Pressure Gauge Sets with Magnified, Backlit & See-Thru Sight Glasses

The Cliplight Vision manifold's see-thru sight-glass and the FireFly's combination magnified, backlight/LED sight glass illuminates refrigerant, oil and UV dyes.

TORONTO-Cliplight Mfg., a leading HVAC/R tool, leak detection and refrigeration sealant manufacturer, has introduced Vision(TM) and Firefly(TM) the HVAC industry's first refrigeration manifold (pressure) gauge sets with sight glasses for "Seeing Is Believing" diagnostics in air conditioning, refrigeration, and appliance equipment.
The patent-pending Cliplight Vision's manifold makes refrigerant/oil inspection quick and easy with a deep well, see-thru sight glass feature that uses ambient light for illumination.

The patent-pending FireFly combines a built-in 2x magnifying sight glass with both white or blue LED backlighting to illuminate refrigerant, contaminants and whether the system has UV dye. The backlight is operated by an ergonomically placed on/off switch that illuminates the sight-glass for more accurate refrigerant system diagnostics. The back-light increases refrigerant visibility by 75-percent when combined with the magnification feature. Pressing the on/off switch a second time activates the blue light and illuminates any refrigerant UV dye traces. Pressing a third time returns the module to the off mode.

Firefly and Vision are the diagnostic tools of the HVAC industry just as the dipstick is to the automotive industry; they allow the contractor and their customers to see what is inside the system.

Other gauge features include:
  • Conical piston manifold valves that allow even-flow throttle adjustment and minimize refrigerant surges that are common among ordinary piston or valve designs.
  • Class-1.6 steel case construction with a bronze tube and brass socket.
  • Face dials also display R-410A, R-22, and R-404A refrigerants.
  • Ratchet hanger locks an intended positioning in place.
  • Ergonomic heavy duty handles with calibration rings that display valve position.
  • Fine throttle control valves for liquid charging of blended refrigerants.
  • Can be used with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants.
  • Compatibility with all standard refrigerant hoses.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on manifold bar and valves.

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