HVAC Linear Bar Grille provides borderless installation.

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Suited for plaster or drywall applications, Plaster Frame Linear Bar Grille features J Bead design that is fastened to wall or ceiling via outer flange by either screwing or nailing through pre-drilled holes. After fastening, flange is covered with skim coat of plaster, providing clean, flush appearance. Custom fabricated grille is available in both aluminum and stainless steel with range of finishes. Core can be welded to frame, or removable for access to damper controls.

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The Newest in Linear Bar Grilles Exclusively by Advanced Arch Grilles

The Advanced Arch Grilles Plaster Frame Linear Bar Grille provides a flush, borderless installation for plaster and drywall applications on walls and/or ceilings. Also known in the industry as a "mud grille", it provides a seamless wall or ceiling installation. The J Bead design is quickly fastened to the wall via the outer flange by either screwing or nailing through the pre-drilled holes. After fastening, the flange is covered with a skim coat of plaster providing your customer with a clean, flush appearance.

This custom fabricated linear bar grille is available in aluminum with a full range of finishes: satin # 4, satin - clear anodized, mirror polish # 8, prime painted, or powder coated. It is also available in stainless steel with a #4 satin or a #8 mirror polish finish. The core can be fixed (welded to the frame), or removable for access to damper controls. This design is available on all linear bar grille models with an A or Band style frame.

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