HVAC Bypass Controller minimizes electrical system harmonics.

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Suited for NEMA 12 ventilated enclosures, Pow-R-Gate HVAC bypass controller utilizes 18-pulse variable-frequency technology and meets IEEE 519-192 requirements at input terminals. It is rated up to 800 hp at 460 V. Multifunction programming and display unit, with average setup of 8 parameters, allows selection of manual/automatic bypass. Unit includes 3 contactor bypass configuration, PID control, and disconnect as well as RS485 and Modbus® RTU.

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation Introduces an 18-Pulse HVAC Bypass Controller for Reduced Harmonic Applications: Medical, Water, Waste Water, Computing, and More

VERNON HILLS, Ill. - January 26, 2009 - At the AHR EXPO, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., a premier industrial automation company, introduced a new Pow-R-Gate HVAC bypass controller for those critical installations - medical, water, waste water, computing, and more - that require low-harmonics on their electrical systems.

"This new system meets critical application demands for reduced harmonics, an improved total power factor, and overall greater efficiency," said Kevin Barker, director of strategic sales. "This product also helps to ensure reduced peak demand charges. This Pow-R-Gate relies on specialized 18-pluse variable-frequency technology and is designed to meet IEEE 519-192 requirements at the input terminals. Additionally, this system features all of the 2009 Pow-R-Gate upgrades for faster commissioning and easier operation."

The critical application Pow-R-Gate is suitable for NEMA 12 ventilated enclosures. The platform is rated up to 800HP at 460V systems. Facilitating its ease-of-use, the platform offers a multifunction programming and display unit - the average set up is eight parameters. Operators can select either manual or automatic bypass. A three contactor bypass configuration, built-in PID control, and disconnect are all standard features on all new Pow-R-Gates.

This platform offers RS485 and Modbus® RTU as standard for network communications and one of the broadest set of options available today for intelligent networking. These options include Ethernet/IPTM, LONWORKS®, Siemens® FLN, Modbus® TCP/IP, Metasys® N2, and BACnet® IP or BACnet® MSTP.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has more than 25 years in design-to-build experience and has manufactured variable-frequency drives for more than 20 years. The company offers the world's latest generation of IGBTs and diodes for improved performance. Distributors will now be able to standardize on one platform and be assured they have the flexibility in terms of a greater number of options to meet their customers' specifications. Furthermore, Mitsubishi's 18-pulse variable-frequency drive technology ensures industry leading energy savings.

"Mitsubishi industrial products are some of the most rugged, dependable, cost-effective, and worry-free in the world," Barker said. "To this ensured dependability, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has designed into the 2009 Pow-R-Gate more choices for greater flexibility, faster start up, energy savings, and an overall easier to use HVAC bypass controller."

To locate the nearest distributor or Mitsubishi technical sales person and learn more about the new critical application Pow-R-Gate, visit the contacts page on the Mitsubishi Electric Automation website www.meau.com.

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc., in Vernon Hills, IL, offers a comprehensive line of factory automation solutions. Products include automation platforms, programmable logic controllers, human machine interfaces (HMI), CNC PC-based control systems, AC variable-frequency drives, servo amplifiers and motors, motion controllers, control software, computerized numerical control systems, robots, and industrial sewing machines. For a broad range of factory automation applications, visit the Mitsubishi Electric Automation web site at www.meau.com.

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