HVAC Brain Inc. Carries Vibro-Acoustics Vibration Isolators and Anti Vibration Pads

HVAC Brain, Inc. has added vibration isolators and anti vibration pads manufactured by Vibro-Acoustics to their online product offering. View HVAC Brain's selection of Vibro-Acoustics products, which are available at competitive prices, at www.hvacbrain.com.

Cleveland, OH, – HVAC Brain, Inc. (www.hvacbrain.com), retailer of HVAC/R equipment and replacement parts, now carries vibration isolators and anti vibration pads by manufacturer Vibro-Acoustics.

Vibro-Acoustics products carried by HVAC Brain are designed to eliminate vibrations and audible noise produced by HVAC equipment. For equipment that is installed resting on the floor of a building, floor mounted vibration isolators may be added to the support points of a supplemental base. Vibration isolators are designed to absorb the system's vibration, preventing it from entering the building structure where it can be felt by occupants and also create noise.

HVAC equipment may be mounted using Vibro-Acoustics' anti vibration pads to absorb vibrations caused by system operation. Anti vibration pads prevent vibration from entering the building's structure, causing audible noise and detectable vibration. These pads are ideal for installation applications of indoor equipment which produces mid- to high-frequency vibration.

To browse the complete selection of Vibro-Acoustics products carried by HVAC Brain, visit http://www.hvacbrain.com/Vibro-Acoustics-s/2011.htm.

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