Hutchinson Technology Begins Shipments of Flexible Printed Circuits for Medical Device

HUTCHINSON, Minnesota – Hutchinson Technology, an industry leader in manufacturing precision components, announced that it has started shipments of flexible printed circuit boards to a leading medical device manufacturer.

The flex circuit designs include polyimide covercoat, gold plating, immersion silver plating, stiffener attach, and screened solder.  Hutchinson Technology produces circuit features down to 0.001" lines and spaces at high yields in production volumes.  "Our flex circuit capability is the ideal solution to our customer's need for complex features, and we were able to design and deliver a product solution within a short ramp timeline," stated Dr. Peter Ladwig, Hutchinson Technology's Manager of Advanced Development.  "We are pleased to support our customer in meeting tight time-to-market requirements on this program."

Hutchinson Technology Incorporated (Nasdaq: HTCH) develops and manufactures critical component technologies that enable our customers' success.  Founded in 1965, we are a long-time global supplier of suspension assemblies for hard disk drives.  Our suspension assembly products help customers improve overall disk drive performance and meet the demands of an ever-expanding digital universe.  Through our new business development initiatives, we focus on leveraging our unique precision manufacturing capabilities in new products and markets.  We work collaboratively with customers to improve product performance, reduce size, lower cost, and reduce time to market.


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