Hurco WESTEC Booth to Feature Machines with New WinMax® Control Software

INDIANAPOLIS-Hurco Companies, Inc., will demonstrate the power of its new WinMax Control software at the WESTEC 2007 Exposition and Conference in Los Angeles, Calif., from March 27 to March 30, at the Hurco booth (#2500). WinMax will be the standard control software on all Hurco CNC mills and lathes later this year.

WinMax provides the highest level of shop floor flexibility and software productivity for both G-Code and conversational programming. Hurco customers using WinMax will experience measurable time savings and process improvements due to 25 new features and hundreds of enhancements, such as reduced key strokes; touch screen navigation; and interactive graphics with 3D solid rendering, dynamic rotation, and real time tool display.

Two new machines, VMX42SR and the TMM8, will be on display at the Hurco booth (#2500) in addition to the specialty VM1 Graphite vertical machining center.

The VMX42SR, Hurco's newest 5-Axis machine with a swivel head and rotary table, meets the demands of 5-Axis machining without taking up the floor space typically required of a 5-Axis machining center. In addition to a small footprint, the VMX42SR includes the WinMax control software module specifically designed to simplify 5-sided programming.

The TMM8 is the new Hurco lathe with live tooling. It has an 8" three-jaw chuck and a spindle speed of 4,800 rpm. With a base price in the mid $70s, investing in the TMM8 can save shops money when running parts that require turning with minor milling operations. Hurco is also developing the TMM10 with a 10" three-jaw chuck.

The VM1 Graphite vertical machining center has the same small footprint and oversized work cube as the popular VM1, but includes design features specific to machining graphite. The VM1G comes standard with a high-speed 20,000 rpm spindle with an even faster 30,000 rpm spindle option. Additionally, the VM1G is completely enclosed with positive air flow to remove the dust.

To see Hurco products in action, stop by booth (#2500) at WESTEC. For more information about Hurco, go to, call 1-800-634-2416, or send an email to

About Hurco Companies, Inc.
Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Hurco manufactures sophisticated, yet shop floor friendly machine tools designed for virtually any application or budget. The popular VM Series and the new TM Series of lathes combine small footprints with huge work cubes and best-in-class features. The VMX Series is a production-oriented line designed for speed. The VTX/HTX Series features application machines with 5-axis and horizontal offerings. Every machining center and turning center from Hurco utilizes one of the industry's most flexible controls. Parts can be programmed on the shop floor using Hurco's easy-to-use control via conversational language or using off-line CAM generated programs. The optional UltiMax 4 control or Max Classic control provides expanded memory and network software to facilitate large CAM generated programs. Converting CAD drawings is handled with the DXF transfer software option.

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