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Humphrey 320/420 Series Solenoid Valves Achieve Multi-Million Life Cycles

The Humphrey 320/420 Series 1/4-inch ported 3-way and 4-way direct acting solenoid valves have achieved multi-million life cycle capability in both testing at Humphrey Products and in actual customer applications. The key to this exceptionally long life is the controlled, short-stroke balanced poppet design. This permits rapid cycling with excellent flow characteristics, eliminates the need for lubrication and is tolerant of impurities in the air system, enposuring positive sealing.

The 320/420 Series valves have a Cv of 1.0 and are rated for air and inert gas from vacuum at 28-inches Hg to 125 psig. The 320 Series valves are designed for inline mounting, while the 420 Series valves can be mounted either inline or on a manifold using a subbase. Both series of valves can be inserted into Humphrey-design custom manifolds to create compact assemblies that can fit into tight or unusual spaces. The 320/420 Series valves feature a continuous duty coil with a power consumption of 8.0 watts, flying leads and a push, non-locking manual override as standard. The valves are available in a range of AC and DC voltages. Options include DC surge suppression and AC MOV and a plug-in DIN-type connector base.

Contact: David Maurer

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