Humidity/Temperature Transmitter features miniature design.

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Intended for applications up to 300°F where 5/16 in. diameter stainless steel probe is required, Model HT-748 offers 0-1 Vdc output corresponding to 0-100% RH, as well as separate 0-1 Vdc temperature signal. Unit is available with straight probe, or with 1/8 in. NPT thread or flange for mounting. Remotely mounted in DB25 Sub-D connector at end of cable, electronics are accessible, allowing for recalibration of sensor when required.

Original Press Release:

New HT-748 Miniature Humidity & Temperature Transmitter

Rense Instruments is pleased to announce our NEW HT-748 HUMIDITY & TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER. Intended for rugged applications up to 300F (150C) where a small (5/16" diameter) stainless steel probe is required, this sensor offers a 0-1VDC output corresponding to 0-100% RH, as well as a separate 0-1VDC temperature signal.

The HT-748 is available as a straight probe, or with either a 1/8"NPT thread or a flange for mounting. For applications that require an RH output only, the sensor is available as the HX-748 with a single RH output.

For maximum reliability, the electronics are remotely mounted in a DB25 Sub-D connector at the end of the cable. The electronics are accessible, allowing for quick and easy recalibration of the sensor when required.

Rense Instruments has been designing, manufacturing and delivering humidity calibration equipment, RH and temperature transmitters, and thermo-hygrometers for more than 35 years, and is proud to release this new product.

For further information please contact Rense Instruments, 11 Old Sugar Hollow Road, Danbury, CT 06810, telephone 203 792-8686, fax 203 743-2051, e-mail, or web site

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