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Humidity/Temperature Sensor serves HVAC applications.

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Humidity/Temperature Sensor serves HVAC applications.

Oct 26, 2012 - Able to measure relative air humidity and temperature, EE160 is available for wall or duct mounting and offers measurement accuracy of ±2.5% RH as well as current, voltage, or Modbus RTU output. Configurator lets user freely select scaling of temperature output and configure Modbus parameters. Enclosure protects against contamination and condensation, and sensor element HCT01 exhibits long-term stability and resistance against pollutants.

E+E Elektronik GmbH - Engerwitzdorf, AUT

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Humidity and Temperature Sensor with Impressive New Features

Press release date: Oct 19, 2012

Specially designed for HVAC, the EE160 sensor by E+E Elektronik is a cost-effective, highly accurate and reliable solution for measuring relative air humidity and temperature.

The precision of E+E's advanced sensor technology is combined with the latest manufacturing technologies to create a product with an outstanding price/performance ratio.

The enclosure minimizes installation costs and provides outstanding protection against contamination and condensation, thus ensuring flawless operation.

The EE160 employs the new humidity/temperature E+E sensor element HCT01 with excellent long term stability and resistance against pollutants. In combination with a long calibration experience, the EE160 provides a measurement accuracy of ±2.5%RH and is available for wall or duct-mounted with current, voltage or Modbus RTU output.

A configurator makes it possible to freely select the scaling of the temperature output and configure the Modbus parameters. The configurator software, which is free of charge, allows additionally for an on-site adjustment of the humidity and temperature.

Humidity/Temperature Transmitter EE160 by E+E Elektronik

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