Humidity Sensor does not require temperature calibration.

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Dime-sized HS-2000 combines capacitive-polymer sensing technology with measurement method that eliminates temperature correction and calibration processes. It provides RH and temperature outputs in analog or digital formats. Digital version communicates over RS232 link via 4-pin connection with no external power required, while analog versions feature outputs as 4-20 mA or 0-5 V signal. Unit is accurate to ±2% and exhibits chemical resistance and stability from -30 to +100°C.

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Precon Announces Innovative Humidity Sensor

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (APRIL 20, 2004) - Precon, a leading manufacturer of precision sensors, probes, and integrated electronics for over 35 years, announces the innovative HS-2000 Series Humidity Sensor. By combining capacitive-polymer sensing technology with a novel measurement method, Precon has eliminated the temperature correction and calibration processes required by typical humidity sensors. "This sensor provides better technology at a lower cost", according to Steve Foote, president of Precon. "In the past, besides having to calibrate the sensor, the user had to add a temperature sensor and extra circuitry to correct for temperature and calculate the true relative humidity. This functionality is built into the HS-2000 sensor, which is calibrated before shipment. Our customers will benefit from both reduced design time and lower manufacturing costs."

The dime-size HS-2000 provides RH and temperature outputs in either analog or digital formats. The digital version, priced at less than $20 in OEM volumes, communicates over an RS 232 link via a four-pin connection with no external power required. The two analog versions feature outputs as either a 4-20 mA or 0-5 volt signal.

The HS-2000 is accurate to +/- 2%, exhibits unmatched chemical resistance, excellent stability from -30 to +100 C, and fast response time.

Precon, a division of Kele Inc., manufactures high quality thermistor and RTD-based temperature sensors, probes and controllers, humidity sensors and controllers, integrated electronics and gas monitors and instruments. Precon is headquartered in Memphis, TN. For additional information contact:

Precon Inc.
Jerry Moran - OEM Sales & Marketing Manager
7375 Adrianne Pl.
Memphis, TN 38133
TEL (901) 388-9137 FAX (901) 388-3051

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