Humans Make Errors

Manual Logger vs. Data Logger

CHESTERLAND, OH - March 31, 2011 - Humans make is a well-known fact.

Accuracy is critical in any manufacturing process including heat treat oven temperature monitoring. Reducing recording errors, data entry errors, and labor costs while increasing accuracy and quality of data in order to provide reporting to end customers is a recent application requirement presented to CAS DataLoggers. The recommended solution of the dataTaker DT85 Data Logger 48 Channel Universal Data Logger provided the measureable results the clients were searching for.

CAS DataLoggers recently converted a manufacturer's manual data collection from a manual process to an automated process. The customer has multiple, stationary heat treating ovens. Previous procedures required an employee to periodically read temperature values from controller displays and manually record them on paper forms.

dataTaker DT85 Data Loggers were installed using repeated signals from the existing temperature controllers as inputs. Process temperature data is now recorded without the need for human intervention. Each data logger is connected to the plant LAN via Ethernet so data can be automatically pushed via FTP to a local server for historical archiving. Data is available via the DT85's internal web server for ad hoc monitoring of the oven temperatures throughout the plant.

Quality engineers can access the logger's internal web server from any internet location for remote monitoring. If a power disruption occurs, the digital temperature record allows engineers to determine where the cycle was interrupted therefore allowing them to restart without repeating or missing process steps. This reduces wasted energy and scrap while increasing product quality.

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