HPS Expands Energy Efficient Transformer Product Offering

HPS transformers meet NEMA TP-1-2002 and C802.2 energy efficiency standards...

GUELPH, Ontario (January 21, 2009) - Hammond Power Solutions (HPS), the leading manufacturer of dry-type electrical transformers in North America, has expanded its energy-efficient transformer product offering to provide its customers with the broadest selection of energy-efficient transformers in the industry. HPS offers three standard series of energy-efficient transformers designed for use in a variety of applications. Designs include the use of phase shifting to maximize energy savings, improve the total power factor and provide high power quality. Designated HPS Sentinel, HPS Synergy and HPS Centurion Series, these transformers meet the NEMA TP-1-2002 (U.S.) and C802.2 (Canada) energy efficiency standards at an efficiency range from 35% to 65% of rated linear or non-linear loads. HPS energy-efficient transformers are also EPAct/NRCan compliant.

Rated for 600 volts and below, HPS Sentinel and HPS SuperSentinel lines of
transformers are designed for linear loads and are most frequently used for general load applications, such as commercial buildings that supply a variety of loads including lighting, heating, appliances and motorized machines. The HPS Sentinel and HPS SuperSentinel lines can be ventilated, totally enclosed, or encapsulated, depending on application specifications.

The rugged HPS Synergy Series is a K-Factor distribution transformer designed
to address harmonic related activity associated with non linear-loads. Caused by similar power electronics found in high concentrations, harmonic currents can substantially decrease transformer performance and lead to overheating, device malfunctions, telephone interference, equipment vibration and tripped breakers.

The HPS Centurion Series is a harmonic mitigating transformer with zero
sequence flux cancellation technology. Specifically designed to treat the harmonics generated by computer equipment and other non-linear power electronic loads, the Centurion Series reduces voltage distortion and power losses caused by harmonic currents. Typical applications include data centers, internet-service providers, telecommunication sites, call centers and broadcast centers.

"Our energy-efficient transformers help our customers realize substantial power savings and lower their operating costs while reducing their impact on the environment," said Ken Hermann, HPS Marketing Manager.

HPS transformers are comprised of the highest quality cores that contain nonaging fully processed silicon steel laminations, that are precision cut to close tolerances to eliminate burrs and interleaved to improve performance. Coils are available in either aluminum or copper and are precision wound to ensure electrical balance to minimize axial short-circuit forces. To allow for easy field installation, HPS transformers are available with both high and low voltage terminal lug connectors. HPS utilizes superior insulation materials that meet UL standards to maximize temperature ratings. Regardless of voltage class, HPS transformers undergo a vacuum pressure polyester resin impregnation process to provide high dielectric strength and bonding. All HPS transformers are tested to ensure product quality and reliability.

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About HPS

Established in 1917, Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is the leading manufacturer of dry-type electrical transformers in North America. With more than 90 years of engineering expertise, HPS offers high-quality standard and custom dry-type transformers and related engineered magnetic devices. The implementation of flexible manufacturing processes for its standard, special, or custom products enables HPS to quickly respond to customers' needs. HPS' ability to design these products for a wide range of demanding applications that require specific size and power performance characteristics is unique in the industry.

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