HPLC System features stackable, modular design.

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Finnigan(TM) Surveyor Plus provides PDA detection for high-throughput sample processing environments. It features integrated column oven, ability to use vials or plates, and LightPipe(TM) technology to ensure sensitivity. System serves analytical needs of chromatographers working in QA/QC laboratories, academia, drug development and discovery, and food and beverage industry.

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Thermo Electron Offers a Complete LC Solution with the Introduction of the Finnigan Surveyor Plus HPLC System

SAN JOSE, California (March 8, 2005) - Thermo Electron Corporation (NYSE: TMO) introduces the Finnigan(TM) Surveyor Plus, a new HPLC system with the highest levels of PDA detection for today's high-throughput sample processing environments. The new Finnigan Surveyor Plus(TM) benefits from a new stackable and modular bench-space saving design.

The Finnigan Surveyor Plus HPLC system has been designed to serve the analytical needs of chromatographers working in QA/QC laboratories, academia, drug development and discovery and the food and beverage industry. The integrated column oven and the ability to use vials or plates illustrate the extreme flexibility of this system. Thermo's patented LightPipeTM technology ensures superior sensitivity, up to five times higher than that of conventional photo diode array detectors.

The high-throughput Finnigan Surveyor Plus integrates seamlessly with the Finnigan Surveyor MSQ Plus providing accelerated productivity with the confidence of mass detection for a complete LC/MS solution. The result is a fast and powerful tool engineered to combine precision, accuracy and reliability for improved LC analysis.

For more information about the Finnigan Surveyor Plus HPLC system, please call +1 800-532-4752, e-mail analyze@thermo.com or visit www.thermo.com/chromatography

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