HPLC Columns target preparative R&D applications.

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Specifically designed for benchtop preparative liquid chromatography applications, Pursuit® XRs Prep Columns combine high ligand density with 5 and 10 micron, 100 angstrom silica. They provide high-resolution separations, while allowing highest available mass loading. Available in C18 and silica phases, columns are formulated for use in pharmaceutical, biotech, and natural product industries.

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New Varian, Inc. HPLC Columns Deliver Higher Productivity for Preparative R&D Applications

PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 14 /-- Varian, Inc. (NASDAQ:VARI) today introduced Pursuit(R) XRs Prep columns, an extension of its Pursuit XRs line of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns. Pursuit XRs Prep columns are specifically designed for benchtop preparative liquid chromatography (LC) applications. Formulated for use in the pharmaceutical, biotech and natural product industries, these new columns will help scientists, particularly those in pre-clinical development increase productivity by enabling more product to be purified in less time.

The new Pursuit XRs Prep columns provide fast, high-resolution separations suitable for the most demanding applications, and at the same time allow the highest available mass loading. Combining high ligand density with both 5 and 10 micron, 100 angstrom high surface area silica, Pursuit XRs Prep columns offer increased sample loadability and column stability, while maintaining superior resolution. Compared to currently available products, Pursuit XRs Prep columns enable up to 2.5 times more material to be purified per run.

"With the introduction of the Pursuit XRs Prep columns, pre-clinical researchers can more quickly obtain large amounts of high-purity product," said Martin O'Donoghue, Senior Vice President, Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "The addition of preparative columns and self-packing capability to the Pursuit XRs product line gives our customers more options to improve their productivity and reduce operating costs."

The Varian Pursuit(R) XRs Prep columns are available with both C18 and silica phases. Bulk media are also available. Both preparative columns and bulk media can be ordered for immediate shipment.

Varian, Inc. supplies a broad range of scientific instruments and laboratory consumable products for life science applications. Consistent with its strategy, the company maintains a balanced approach to enhancing and expanding its products for both life science and industrial customers.

For additional information about Varian's Pursuit XRs line of products please visit www.varianinc.com/cgi-bin/nav?products/consum/lccolumns/pursuit-xrs/

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