How Our 84" Will Revolutionize the Industry

San Jose, CA – Only the best will suffice our talented team at GlassDivider. We have proven this power by introducing the latest and greatest, revolutionary 84" All Glass Self Service Sneeze Guards and Partitions.

GlassDivider has always offered NSF certified Full Service Sneeze Guards, which reach have up to 84" between support post providing an unobstructed view. This is unlike most manufacturers in the industry who limit the distance between supports to 42".

Engineering improvements have made it possible for our Self- Service Sneeze Guards and Partitions to also reach 84" limit. A truly remarkable feature in this industry. "We make it possible to span up to 84" without any obstruction keeping it simple and clean" says Max Salazar, (Engineer Manager). The C100 Partition system, the C128 and C130 Self-Service Sneeze Guards and the C228 and C230 Island Self-Service Sneeze Guards all can now span up to 84" without any internal supports.

The larger bay size means fewer support post which gives Glass Divider a price advantage on the larger sneeze guard installations. A Glass Divider 84" single bay sneeze guard only requires the end supports, where a 42"- 42" double bay sneeze guard has the third internal support post. The expanded products lines will be reflected in the December 1st 2013 Autoquote's release.

Additional information is available through the company's website or by contacting the San Jose Sales office at (408) 844-8335.

Brandi Brookbank

Sales Representative




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