How ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania Got a Power Plant Out of a Hole

February 6, 2008 - The right crane can do the lifting, even in a difficult spot. But it takes people-seasoned crane experts-to figure out the "how." That's why the general contractor for a power plant with an outage called ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania to help them retube a major boiler to restore power at a power plant in Masontown, Pennsylvania.

The job entailed lifting out the old boiler parts and lowering the new ones, but there was a catch. The only place to put the 500-ton Liebherr hydraulic truck crane for access to the boiler was in a very tight space, a deep hole immediately adjacent to the building. Nine months in the planning, the difficult lift finally took place in October 2007. It took more than a week to assemble the crane (with the assistance of a 130-ton RT crane), and the jib had to be landed onto a fifth-floor level of the building and assembled there. A Y-guy boom suspension superlift attachment provided extra capacity.

Crane Specifics

o Liebherr model LTM1400-7.1, 500 ton

o 186-ft. boom, 151-ft. luffing jib

o Y-guy boom suspension superlift attachment

ALL Crane Rental of Pennsylvania is a member of the ALL Family of Companies. As North America's crane rental and lift engineering leaders, ALL offers unmatched experience in lift planning and jobsite analysis. Also unmatched is ALL's continual investment in their company: to offer the largest, most technologically advanced fleet and the most experienced crane experts. This "powerhouse" combination provides cost savings, increased productivity, and improved safety to their clients. With yards throughout North America, ALL can get customers the right crane for the job immediately.

Since 1964, the ALL family of companies has grown to become one of the largest crane and equipment rental companies in North America. The company offers its fleet of cranes, aerial work platforms, boom trucks, material handlers, and other lift equipment from strategic locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, providing rental, sales, service, and jobsite analysis to help customers get the right equipment for the job. An important measure of their commitment is meeting or exceeding all pertinent regulatory and safety standards.

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