Hour Meters monitor run time of ac and dc machinery.

Press Release Summary:

Series TR, with round face, fits 2 in. diameter cutout or 3-screw mounting configuration. Series TS has less than 2 in. square face with various bezel options or DIN-rail mounting. Both are non-resettable and have counting range of 99999.99 hours for ac inputs and 999999.9 hours for dc inputs. Switchboard-style Model AB40 has 4¼ in. square face. Reset and non-reset models are offered with counting range of 99999.9 hours.

Original Press Release:

Yokogawa Expands Time Meter Product Line

Newnan, Georgia - Yokogawa Corporation of America announced today that it has expanded its elapsed time meter product line with a series of low cost hour meters designed for monitoring the run-time of AC and DC electrical apparatus and machinery. Typical applications for hour meters are on emergency generators, electrical furnaces, rental equipment, welding equipment, transportation equipment, etc. These panel mounted devices come in a variety of mounting configurations and package styles. The TR series has a round face and fits in 2" diameter cutout or a 3 screw mounting configuration. The TS series has less than a 2" square face with various bezel options or DIN rail mounting. Both the TS and TR series are non-resettable and have a counting range of 99999.99 hours for AC inputs and 999999.9 hours for DC inputs.

Yokogawa also announced a new AB40 switchboard style hour meter that is used primarily on switchgear and generator control panels. The AB40 hour meter is housed in a standard switchboard case with a 4 ¼" square front face. Reset and non-reset models are available with a counting range of 99999.9 hours. AC voltages of 120, 208, 240, 480V, and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz are standard offerings.

All Yokogawa time meters will be UL component recognized under file E44857.

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