Hot Water Tanks add storage to existing water heaters.

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StorageMate(TM) insulated tanks are offered in 41, 80, and 119 gallon models. Smallest model utilizes dense, polyethylene liner, while larger models are constructed of stainless steel. Tanks can function as recirculating aquaboosters with tank-less coils, hydronic buffer tanks for low-mass boilers and radiant systems, and as additional storage. Optional mechanical aquastats control temperature. Applications include whirlpool baths, hot tubs, dishwashers, and laundry machines.

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Amtrol(TM) Introduces StorageMate(TM) Line of Insulated Hot Water Tanks

West Warwick, R.I. (December 20, 2002) - AMTROL, a world-leading provider of advanced water system solutions, has introduced its new line of StorageMate(TM) hot water tanks. StorageMate tanks immediately increase the amount of usable hot water within existing hot water storage systems. "The StorageMate series offers a new level of design and performance not found in stone and glass-lined storage tanks currently on the market," said Ray Cwiek, Plumbing and Heating Product Manager. This line is ideal for residential and commercial uses that require large amounts of readily available hot water, such as whirlpool baths, hot tubs, dishwashers and laundry machines. StorageMate versatile tanks are available in 41-, 80- and 119-gallon models. The 41-gallon unit utilizes a dense, polyethylene liner, which provides efficient and economical hot water storage. The 80- and 119-gallon models are constructed of stainless steel. StorageMate tanks can perform the following functions: o Recirculating "aquabooster" setup with tank-less coils o Hydronic buffer tank for low mass boilers and radiant systems o Additional storage with existing water heaters All StorageMate tanks are available with mechanical aquastats for reliable temperature control and have a 10-year warranty. AMTROL was founded in 1946 on the basis that innovation, quality and service will be rewarded with customer loyalty and support. AMTROL is a world-leading provider of advanced water system solutions, including systems for storage, treatment, heating and expansion, as well as flow controls and a variety of related HVAC products. The company serves the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets.

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