Hot Water Heat Exchanger has tankless design.

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Able to generate hot water instantaneously and continuously from one of many different heating sources, H2OMax provides on-demand operation that conserves energy and eliminates need for storage or recovery time. Introduction of fresh cold water via coiled copper tube bundle lends to maintenance- and corrosion-free design, while turbulence from injected boiler water and natural heat expansion/contraction of copper coils limit potential for lime scaling.

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Thermal Solutions Introduces H2OMAX a Revolutionary Hot Water Heating Solution

The H2OMax is a commercial hot water heat exchanger that generates hot water instantaneously and continuously from one of many different heating sources for any application where hot water is used. H2OMax is simply unique, high performing, ultra-efficient and completely versatile, all in a compact design.

Simply Unique - H2OMax's tankless design is unlike any other. It doesn't require a sacrificial anode or interior lining to protect against corrosion since fresh cold water is introduced through the coiled copper tube bundle, creating a maintenance and corrosion-free design. Hot boiler water is injected into the tank, which does not contain the harmful effects of untreated water, and is used for instant thermal heating and won't corrode or scale up the tank like traditional storage tank-type hot water systems. Turbulence from the injected boiler water and from the natural heat expansion & contraction of the copper coils limits the potential for lime scaling.

High Performing - H2OMax uses more coiled copper tubing to maximize its performance an can produce up to 2.5 time more output as compared to same -sized stainless steel in direct water heaters. Furthermore, copper has the highest thermal conductivity of any other material, contrary to stainless steel, to effectively & efficiently transfer heat in to the cold water. Both attributes contribute to H2OMax' unparalleled hot water heating output!

Ultra Efficient - Always hot and ready to go, H2OMax's "on demand" approach provides hot water when needed and continuously, reducing consumption (30 - 40% energy savings) and eliminating the need for storage or recovery time. Combined with H2OMax's unique injection system with extended heating surface allows for 99% thermal transfer efficiency.

Completely Versatile - H2OMax's multipurpose design makes it ideal for many water or low pressure steam applications for different installations. It can heat water for potable use (like apartments and dormitories), for process systems (like commercial laundry, car washes, sterilization or deicing), for pools & hot tubs (hotels and resorts), for space heating (both radiant and baseboard / radiators) and to buffer high efficiency boilers with low mass water content to prevent short cycling.  The heating source is from a boiler using energy from natural gas, propane, oil, electric or solar.

Simply stated, H2OMax promotes longevity with the lowest lifetime operating costs of any other commercial hot water system. And it's backed by an unprecedented 10 year commercial limited warranty that is best in the industry

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