Hot Tack Tester targets form-fill-seal applications.

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Designed to measure strength of heat seal in vertical form-fill-seal applications, Model HT1-XS creates hot tack index, which is optimum heat-seal strength over range of temperatures. Users can change temperature and record results from multiple readings on same graph. Results are repeatable and free from operator error. Model HT1-XS is suited for testing heat seals on variety of flexible structures including monolayers, laminations, foils, coextrusions, and non-wovens.

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MOCON Launces New Hot Tack Tester To U.S. Market; Unit Measures Seal Strength In Form-Fill-Seal Applications

Minneapolis, MN (August 17, 2005) -New to the U.S. market, MOCON, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOCO) is now marketing a hot tack tester which is loaded with features and is available at a significantly reduced cost to others on the market.

MOCON is the sole U.S. representative of the HT1-XS Hot Tack Tester from U.K.-based RDM Test Equipment Company. The unit measures the strength of the heat seal in vertical form-fill-seal applications. This creates a hot tack index which is the optimum heat-seal strength over a range of temperatures.

Because product is dropped into a bag from a significant height in the form-fill-seal process, there is a possibility of the bottom seal peeling open if the optimum heat-sealing parameters are not met. Consistently achieving the correct temperature range positively affects both heat-seal strength and equipment operating speed.

The HT-1XS Hot Tack Tester allows the user to change the temperature and record results from multiple readings on the same graph. This reporting system follows the guidelines established in a recently published ASTM F-1921-98 standard. A touch screen display allows the user to enter set up parameters and see results more easily.

Further, the HT-1XS tester enables results that are repeatable and free from operator error while being less laborious and expensive when compared to other units. The tester also is lighter and more compact.

To conduct the test, sample strips are loaded via a pneumatic clamp at each end of the mechanism. The clamps are designed to prevent slipping or premature release. Controls within the hot tack tester automatically pull the sample away from the heated jaws. The force required to separate the seal is then measured by a sensitive and accurate load cell. The resulting hot tack force can be presented in either grams or newtons by customizing the software.

The computer interface and the specially designed software capture the data and graphically display it. Along with test criteria for each material batch, the HT-1XS offers a powerful recording system. Data can be sent to a printer, exported or stored on a hard drive.

Cold peel testing also can be performed on the same instrument, thereby making it possible to study both the hot tack and cold-peel performance of seals. This enables the packager to obtain information both in production and in use.

The unit is ideally suited for food manufacturers, film converters and producers and resin manufacturers who are striving to shorten form-fill-seal equipment cycle times. It tests heat seals on a wide variety of flexible structures including monolayers, laminations, foils, coextrusions and non-wovens.

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