Hot Stamp Machines mark insulated wire and cable.

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Monitored and controlled by microprocessor-based PLC, Modprint 2020 Series prints on insulated wire and cable sizes from .035-.250 in., including ETFE and TFE insulations, at speeds up to 40 fpm. Model 2020EC measures, marks, and cuts, while Model 2020A measures, marks, and cuts, and includes standard spark tester and optional motorized pre-feeder. Utilizing full-size, 40-character typewheels, Modprint 2020 Series can print horizontally or vertically.

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News: Norwood / Kingsley Introduces Modprint 2020 Hot Stamp Machines for Wire Harnesses

March 1, 2007 - Norwood Marking Systems / Kingsley Machine Company introduces the new Modprint 2020 Series hot stamp machines for marking insulated wire and cable. The Modprint 2020A features an integrated spark tester and an optional motorized de-reeler/pre-feeder to maximize wire quality. This integrated hot stamp / spark test model meets the pending General Aviation Standard and FAA ruling, which allows continued use of hot stamp machines with an integrated spark tester for wire and cable destined for the U.S. aviation industry.

Modprint's integrated spark tester checks the integrity of the wire insulation after the wire has been marked and automatically halts the operation if an insulation fault is detected. The optional motorized de-reeler/pre-feeder provides constant tension to help reduce slippage and improve the accuracy of the length measurement. Together, these features ensure only the highest quality wire advances to down-line processes.

The Modprint 2020EC measures, marks and cuts. The Modprint 2020A measures, marks and cuts, and includes the standard spark tester and optional motorized pre-feeder. All Modprint 2020 Series models reduce floorspace requirements and ease operation with enhanced ergonomics and an intuitive user interface.

Compared to other hot stamp machines for marking insulated wire and cable, the Modprint 2020 Series systems improve ergonomics. Unlike other systems that require an operator to reach up to 17 inches to access the wire, printing, feeding and cutting components, the Modprint 2020 Series puts these machine functions within four inches of the operator.

Compared to the previous Modprint 2000 Series, the new Modprint 2020 Series is 50 percent smaller, which allows existing MP2000E and MP2000EC customers to install the new MP2020A, thus adding spark testing to improve wire quality without increasing floorspace requirements. Current Norwood / Kingsley customers can upgrade to the new Modprint systems and continue using their existing accessories.

The Modprint 2020 Series systems are designed for ease of operation. With a touchscreen control panel and intuitive user interface, these new hot stamp wire marking systems reduce operator training.

The Modprint 2020 Series systems print on insulated wire and cable sizes from .035 inches to .250 inches, including ETFE and TFE insulations, at speeds up to 40 feet per minute. These hot stamp systems are monitored and controlled by a microprocessor-based PLC, which eases programming and reduces maintenance.

To maximize productivity, Norwood / Kingsley designed the Modprint 2020 Series systems for quick and easy changeover. Message changes can be made in seconds and wire size changes can be made in less than five minutes, no tools and no change parts required.

The Modprint 2020 Series systems utilize full-size, 40-character typewheels. Up to 28 typewheels can be mounted. The systems print horizontally or vertically.

About Norwood Marking Systems / Allen Coding Systems / Kingsley Machine Company
Norwood Marking Systems, a division of Illinois Tool Works, has been at the forefront of innovation since developing the world's first hot stamp imprinters for the food industry over 45 years ago. Kingsley Machine Company has also led the way, having patented its first hot stamp imprinter in 1932. Joining the ITW family in 2006, Allen Coding Systems is a leading U.K. manufacturer of overprinting equipment. Today, Norwood, Allen and Kingsley continue as market leaders, designing and manufacturing a range of innovative thermal transfer printers, hot stamp imprinters as well as ink and embossing printers that code and mark for a wide variety of industrial markets worldwide.

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