Hot Runner Nozzles come in 28 different sizes.

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Available in lengths up to 250 mm, Value Shot Z202 Series includes tips made of molybdenum alloy, which offer thermal conductivity as well as abrasion resistance, and enable processing of filled molding compounds and engineering plastics. Nozzle tips made of CuCoBe are suitable for gating onto sub-runners or for direct gating with sprue. Also made of molybdenum alloy, open nozzle tips allow design of needle valve solutions with cylindrical gates.

Original Press Release:

HASCO Z202/ Value Shot, Unmatched in Performance and Price

Based on the principles of the successful and proven Z201/... nozzle, HASCO is pleased to announce the launch of its completely revised and optimised nozzle program, the Z202/... Value Shot.

Ideas from our customers and the experience gained in practical application have been channelled directly into the development of the new nozzle range.

Dimensions of the Value Shot for the production of parts with large article weights has been extended by introducing larger nozzles with lengths up to 250 mm. In addition, the available nozzle lengths for the small nozzle diameters in the portfolio have been extended, making the new Z202/... Value Shot particularly interesting for multi-cavity applications with low cavity-to-cavity distances (min 25mm). This means that the customer now has a choice of 28 different nozzle sizes.

The Z202/... also offers many new options with regard to the geometry and material used to manufacture the nozzle tips. The range of possible applications has been considerably expanded as a result.

The familiar nozzle tips of CuCoBe have been modified. For applications in the packaging segment, the enhanced precision of the body and tip of the nozzles contribute to optimum visual appearance and uniformity of the tip positions in multi-cavity moulds.

The range now includes nozzle tips made of a special molybdenum alloy. These enable the processing of filled moulding compounds and engineering plastics, and have outstanding thermal conductivity in the gate as well as resistant to abrasive wear.

New open nozzle tips of CuCoBe are ideal for gating onto sub-runners or for direct gating with sprue. The advantages of this tip design are minimum pressure losses, the avoidance of split melts and low-shear filling, perfect for optically demanding parts.

This new range is rounded off by open nozzle tips made of a special molybdenum alloy that are used with a newly developed needle valve drive. This tip model allows the design of inexpensive needle valve solutions with cylindrical gates and reduced gate wear through automatic pre-centering of the needle in the internal contour of the nozzle tip.

Significantly enlarged melt channels in all the nozzles ensure much lower pressure losses while optimising the mechanical stability of the nozzle at the same time to further improve pressure resistance.

A new type of heating element is used which allows removal from the front, thus simplifying replacement of the heating system and heat sensors on the machine.

Super-fast colour change is achieved by no material standing in the gate bubble geometry and optimum melt exchange is ensured by the use of the optional Murseal sealing caps.

With higher performance properties, the HASCO Z202/... Value Shot can be offered at attractive prices through optimisation of the production process.

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