Hot Printer marks plastic and rubber extrusions.

Press Release Summary:

Model 4015 Hot Print Brander provides permanent marking of products such as plastic pipe with code information, logos, trademarks, and dimensional data. It uses heated steel type on print wheel, and adjusts type temperature to extruded product's melting point. As product moves under print wheel, heated steel type indents single line of characters into product. Sequential and manual numbering heads permit marking lengths, batch, and date codes.

Original Press Release:

Matthews International Introduces Hot Print Brander For More Economical And Flexible Marking Of Plastic And Rubber Extrusions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, April 30,2002 - To improve the marking of plastic and rubber extrusions and offer manufacturers more cost-effective product compliance identification, Matthews International is introducing the 4015 Hot Print Brander with a new tape saver motor package. The enhanced system provides more economical permanent marking of products such as plastic pipe in weathered environments with mandated code information as well as logos, trademarks and dimensional data.

The 4015 Hot Brand Printer uses heated steel type on a 24" or half-meter print wheel, adjusting the type temperature to the extruded product's melting point. While the extruded product moves under the print wheel, the heated steel type indents a single line of characters into the product.

Sequential and manual numbering heads mounted to the print wheel permit marking approximate incremental lengths as well as marking batch and date code information. Up to four such heads can be used at a time.

Available for use with or without foil tape, the Hot Printer Brander guide system can process extrusions of from 1/2" to 8" diameters, although custom systems can be built for up to 36" diameter pipe. Because the new tape saver motor package allows for marking only where reading matter is necessary, the need to purchase steel type tracking dashes is eliminated. It can also mark precise, accurate increments when using sequential numbering heads on consistent line speed extrusions.

Other savings allowed by the new precision motor drive package are in high-cost foil tape, steel type purchases and product material costs due to previous variances in numbering head accuracies. Matthews is making available studies it has conducted of these savings. It believes many existing users will therefore be interested in retrofitting present systems with the new motor drive package.

Further information may be obtained from Matthews International Corp., Marking Products Division, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Telephone: 412-665-2500. Fax: 412-365-2042. Web site:

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