Hot Melt Adhesive bonds carpet tack strips.

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Suitable for use with HB 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun, Series UX 8012 creates non-toxic bond between carpet tack or metal clips and finished concrete, fiber cement backer, or wood before stretching carpet over floor. One inch glue strip is used for each 4 ft of carpet tack or metal strip. With open time of 40 sec, adhesive must be applied at 390°F to achieve max bond strength. Product dries firm but has rubber like quality that prevents brittleness.

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Hot Melt Adhesive from Pam Fastening Technology Offers a Faster and More Economical Way to Bond Carpet Tack Strips

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- PAM Fastening Technology has introduced a new hot melt adhesive that creates a high strength non-toxic bond between carpet tack or metal clips and the finished concrete, fiber cement backer board or wood before stretching a carpet over the floor.

The Series UX 8012 Hot Melt Adhesive from PAM Fastening complements the company's Model HB 220 Hot Melt Glue Gun that accommodates the temperature required to apply the adhesive.

Benefits of using the adhesive for the carpet installer include the strength of the bond and its quick 5-minute set up time.

According to PAM Fastening, this results in greater productivity for the carpet installer since the installer doesn't have to return the next day or wait hours for the adhesive to fully dry before stretching the carpet. Performance, the company said, is similar to a more costly pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive.

Apply Adhesive at 390ºF

The UX8012 Hot Melt Adhesive must be applied at 390ºF to achieve its maximum bond strength with an open time of 40 seconds.

The adhesive is a perfect companion for PAM's 220 Watt Model HB 220 Glue Gun withits adjustable temperature range and pre-set temperature at 392ºF.

"The equipment required is minimal and the installation process simple and quick," noted PAM Fastening.

The Model HB220 comes with a 3 mm diameter nozzle. Ideally, at a minimum, one stick of PAM's UX8012 1-inch glue strip should be used for each 4 ft of carpet tack or metal strip.

The glue gun's advanced, adjustable trigger mechanism conforms to the users hand to assure a comfortable grip and minimize fatigue. An integrated on/off switch is included for safety.

By controlling the exact amount of adhesive placed over the tack or metal strips, the carpet installer controls the flow and application to assure little wastage.

Process to Apply Detailed Applying the adhesive using PAM's HB220 Glue Gun is easy and requires little or no training.

  • First, turn the HB220 Glue Gun on and allow it to warm up to the required 390ºF temperature and be sure the trigger pull limit screw is at its maximum length;

  • Next, insert an 8-inch glue stick into the gun;

  • Third, apply the glue to the concrete or sub-floor, covering the complete area where the tack strip is to be placed. For every 4 feet of tack strip, use a minimum of one glue stick.

  • Place the tack strip over the glue and apply pressure along the entire length of the strip to ensure the strip is fully seated in the glue. Work quickly as open time for the glue is only 40 seconds.

  • If present, hammer down the nails

  • Allow at least 5 minutes to dry before stretching the carpet.

    According to PAM Fastening, the UX 8012 dries firm but has a rubber like quality compared to conventional EVA glue sticks that become brittle and break.

    Beside carpet installation, the hot melt glue gun system is also suited for a variety of general purpose applications from wood and leather processing to interior decorating, toys, ceramics, packaging and a variety of other applications.

    About PAM Fastening

    With over 25-years of experience, PAM Fastening is a leader in autofeed screw gun system technologies with corporate and research offices located in Charlotte, N.C. and
    Bremen,Germany. PAM's tools are used in a variety of industries including home construction and remodeling, cabinet and furniture assembly, manufactured housing and industrial packaging. The company also has a broad line of frame assembly equipment and accessories for the framing and hobby industries.

    For more information, contact PAM Fastening at 2120 Gateway Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28208, telephone: 704-394-3141, fax: 704-394-9339, email: The company's corporate website address is

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