Horizontal Rotary Packaging Machine. runs 1,000 pouches/min.

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Suitable for packaging dry consumables such as tea, coffee, salt, and sugar, Sanko FP-1000 can run variety of films, including paper, at speeds up to 321 fpm. Variable height adjustment is achieved through state-of-the-art cutting system, while stable, repeatable sealing is assured by PID control of heater temperature. To run continuously, machine enables automatic staging and splicing of new roll of film to one already being processed. System can also be adjusted to 3-sided or 4-sided sealing.

Original Press Release:

T.H.E.M. Introduces Sanko's New High Speed Pouch Machine to USA Market

(Marlton, NJ) Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), a leading North American provider of single-serve flexible packaging solutions, recently introduced a new, higher speed version of the already popular Sanko FP-500 horizontal rotary packaging machine.  The new FP-1000 is capable of running up to 1,000 pouches per minute and even higher output rates of over 1,400 per minute for smaller pouches.

“The new FP-1000 will provide manufacturers of free-flowing dry products with unprecedented packaging speed and flexibility,” commented Neil Kozarsky, CEO and president of T.H.E.M.  “It is not only one of the fastest machines available in North America, but it also allows users to vary the pouch height, a feature not commonly available with other similar high-speed form-fill-seal systems.”

The FP-1000 made its commercial debut in India for high-speed packaging of a betel-based product. The system is suited for packaging a variety of dry consumables ranging from tea, coffee, salt and sugars and beverage powders, to nutritional and dietary supplements. “The FP-1000 is a true work horse, designed for speed and continuous operation,” Kozarsky added. “It is an ideal solution when output requirements approach or exceed 100 million units annually.”

All critical machine components are constructed to extremely precise tolerances to achieve the high rates of output. The high-performance rotary cams are produced in house by Sanko to assure consistent quality and absolute precision. “Sanko engineers are truly masters of controlling motion,” Kozarsky offered. The FP-1000’s movements are so fast that they are a blur to the human eye and can only be observed with the aid of a strobe light.

Variable height adjustment is achieved through the use of a state-of-the-art cutting system. Fiber optic sensors simplify the timing adjustment and the mark position can be altered only by changing the set value.  Stable, repeatable sealing is assured by Proportional plus Integral plus Derivative (PID) control of the heater temperature. This cutting edge adjustment of the I-Notch device is made possible by use of a rotary-type cutting edge.

The FP-1000 can run a variety of films, including paper for free-flowing powders such as sugar and artificial sweeteners, at speeds up to 321 feet (greater than the length of a football field) per minute.  Automatic staging and splicing of a new roll of film to the one already being processed allows the machine to run continuously for increased throughput and maximum efficiency. Adjustment to either three-sided or four-sided sealing is quick and easy. The system will also accommodate a number of secondary packaging options, including cartoning, bagging, spool winding, in addition to individually cut pouches or pouches cut to specified quantity, as well as bandolier strips.

The FP-1000 is now available for order in North America, and is backed by T.H.E.M.’s comprehensive engineering support, training and parts. For facilities not requiring accelerated production rates, the FP-500 will continue to be available through T.H.E.M. and offers similar features with a production output of up to 600 pouches per minute.

About T.H.E.M.

Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.) was founded in 1973 as one of the first providers of innovative packaging solutions in North America. The company is best known for commercializing Sanko Stick Packaging in the United States. Working in conjunction with select packaging and equipment manufacturers, T.H.E.M. offers a comprehensive array of packaging solutions designed to take brands from initial concept to full-scale national or global production. T.H.E.M. has a fully operational, on-site R&D center located at its Marlton, NJ headquarters, with pilot production, scale-up, and full-scale contract packaging capabilities.

For more information on T.H.E.M.’s flexible packaging machinery and contract manufacturing services, please visit:  www.them.net.

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