Horizontal Motion Conveyor Features Gentle Handling

Dallas, Texas -The gentle motion of the Slipstick ® horizontal-motion conveyor from Triple/S Dynamics practically eliminates conveyor-imposed product damage. Unlike conventional vibratory conveyors that use a vertical pitching motion to propel material with repeated impacts, the Slipstick features a completely horizontal, slow-forward, quick-return motion, which glides products down the pan, eliminating breakage problems for fragile foods such as chips, cookies, or cereals.

In contrast, other vibratory conveyors impact the product bed, which can degrade fragile products and promote adherence of material to the conveying surface. These conveyors create motion by the impact of the pan on the product, leading to product breakage and sticking.

The Slipstick also provides a consistent conveying motion throughout the length, width, and depth of the product bed, preventing the build-up of oily fines. And since it is not dependent on impact to provide motion, the Slipstick conveys deep product beds uniformly, with no stratification.

Large and bulky materials can be effectively conveyed because the horizontal motion works with the inertia of the material in the conveyor pan.

Since 1888, Triple/S Dynamics has been providing specialized dry-bulk-material separation and conveying equipment to the food, chemical, agricultural, mining, recycling and other material processing industries. For more information call 800-527-2116 or visit www.sssdynamics.com. Slipstick is a trademark of Triple/S Dynamics.

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