Horizontal Machining Center has 6-station pallet pool.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for unattended operation, EC-400PP features 20 x 20 x 20 in. work space and 1° pallet indexer. Each 400 mm pallet in pool has load capacity up to 1,000 lb and can be scheduled according to priority and sequencing requirements. Other features that promote extended operation include 70-pocket, side-mount tool changer; 1,000 ipm rapid traverse rates; 1 MB program memory; and remote jog handle. For chip removal, auger-fed, belt-type chip conveyor system comes standard.

Original Press Release:

The Haas EC-400PP HMC - Pallet Pool Productivity

The new EC-400PP HMC from Haas Automation Inc. dramatically expands the production capability of the company's EC Series of horizontal machining centers. The addition of a fully integrated, 6-station pallet pool to the shop-proven Haas EC-400 brings true "lights out" machining capability to small- and medium-sized manufacturers and production shops.

Designed for high-volume production and unattended operation, the Haas EC-400PP features a generous 20" x 20" x 20" work cube, a six-station pallet pool with 400 mm pallets, and a high-precision, 1-degree pallet indexer. Other standard features for extended operation include a 70-pocket side-mount tool changer, 1000-ipm rapids, 300-psi through-spindle coolant, 1 MB of program memory, a floppy disk drive, a remote jog handle and a high-volume coolant system. To remove chips from the enclosure quickly and efficiently, the EC-400PP also has an auger-fed, belt-type chip conveyor system.

Each of the 400 mm pallets in the EC-400PP's 6-station pool has a load capacity up to 1000 lb (660 lb with full 4th axis). The pallets can be scheduled individually according to priority and sequencing requirements, which allows high-priority parts to be machined first and/or staged more often. Completed pallets are returned automatically to the holding location, or can be sequenced to a protected operator station for immediate unloading and re-loading.

For added performance, an optional 12,000-rpm spindle powered by a 30-hp vector dual-drive system is available for the EC-400PP. Like the standard spindle, it features an inline, direct-drive system that couples the motor directly to the spindle rather than using belts. This results in better surface finishes, extreme thermal stability and quiet operation. On-the-fly wye-delta switching provides plenty of low-end torque and a wide constant-horsepower band. Other available options include a 1000-psi through-spindle coolant system, and a full 4th-axis rotary table for shops requiring simultaneous 4-axis motion.

The EC-400PP has the power to easily cut stainless steel, cast iron and high-nickel alloys, yet it provides the speed essential for aluminum alloys. The inherent benefits of horizontal spindle orientation, including cleaner cutting conditions and extended tool life, simply enhance the machine's capabilities. And because it's a Haas, the EC-400PP is backed by the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets, protecting its production power with the best service and support in the industry.

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