Horizontal Chassis has system management features.

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AdvancedTCA 4U chassis offers allotments for IPM Sentry, which monitors voltages, fans, and temperature; adjusts speed of fans depending on temperature within chassis; and sends out remote alarms. Offered with 2 options for plugging to IPM Sentry, 5-slot Mesh ATCA backplane holds 8U x 280 mm blades on 1.2 in. spacing and has rear I/O options for 8U x 70 mm cards. Side-to-side cooling is accomplished via two 190 cfm fans capable of dissipating up to 1000 W.

Original Press Release:

Elma Electronic Announces 4U Horizontal AdvancedTCA Chassis with Special System Management Features

FREMONT, California, June 10, 2003 - Elma Electronic Inc., a global manufacturer of electronic packaging products, has announced a new 4U, 5-slot, horizontal AdvancedTCA (ATCA) chassis. The 4U ATCA unit offers special features for system management, chassis cooling, and versatility.

The 4U ATCA chassis features allotments for a new Elma shelf manager product, the IPM Sentry. Developed in cooperation with Pigeon Point Systems, it takes what most standard system monitors do -- basic monitoring of voltages, fans, and temperature - several steps further.

The IPM Sentry will actually adjust the speed of the fans depending on the temperature within the chassis, as well as send out remote alarms via RS232 or 10/100 Ethernet. Further, it can be programmed to detect the topology of the backplane, and maintain a System Event Log (SEL) along with a Sensor Data Record (SDR), which can be accessed by the IPM controller.

The backplane is a 5-slot Mesh ATCA configuration compliant to PICMG 3.0 specifications. Mesh offers point-to-point interconnections between each of the slots, greatly boosting the performance potential of the backplane. There are two options for plugging to the IPM Sentry. Two 2mm HM connectors (the standard connector for CompactPCI) allow direct plugging of the shelf manager into the backplane. There are also two 3-pin headers for cabling to the IPM Sentry. The two offer optional redundant connections of the IPMB signals. For chassis-to-chassis interconnection options, the backplane can incorporate two optional RJ45 connectors to support ICMB (Intelligent Chassis Management Bus).

The 4U horizontal PICMG 3.0-compliant ATCA unit is designed to hold five 8U x 280mm blades on 1.2" spacing. It also has rear I/O options for 8U x 70mm cards. Elma offers chassis versions in both the sheet metal and modular packaging designs.

Side-to-side cooling in the units are achieved with two fans with a maximum airflow of 190 CFM each provides sufficient cooling to the boards. They dissipate up to 1000 watts. For serviceability, the filter tray and fan tray is separately removable. Other chassis features include Elma's unique design of the board mating receptacle (patent pending), which provides secure grounding, accurate alignment and accepts wide tolerances of the alignment pin spacing. The unit also has dual redundant 48V DC input and ESD Jacks.

About AdvancedTCA

AdvancedTCA has several key features including Gigabyte/Terabyte per second bandwidth across each shelf, 150-200W per board and 3 Kilowatts per chassis power, and accommodates larger (8U x 280mm) boards on a 1.2 mm pitch which allows larger/taller components and more space on each board. The PICMG specification for ATCA (PICMG 3.0) had over 100 participating companies.

About Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of enclosures, backplanes, cabinets, cases, and "ready-to-run" packaging for CPCI, Rugged COTS, VME/64x, VXI, PC and custom bus structures. Elma's component product line offers a wide selection of top quality switches knobs and LED arrays. The company has been a worldwide supplier of dependable, high performance products for over 35 years. Elma operates three facilities in the continental United States plus has locations in Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Israel.

Elma Electronic Inc. is located at 44350 Grimmer Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538 USA. Telephone (510) 656-3400 - Fax (510)656-3783. www.elma.com

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