Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. Announces Custom Calendering, Rubber Mixing, and Specialty Tire Manufacturing Services

During the fall of 2012, Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. completed a multi-million dollar expansion to their existing rubber mixing facility and has ramped up rubber production at their Plymouth, Indiana location. This expansion to their rubber mixing facility is designed to not only cover all of Hoosier's production needs for the present and foreseeable future, but they've also planned far into the future by building in substantial capacity that will benefit other companies rubber mixing needs as well. Hoosier Racing Tire has entered the Custom Mixing business.

With more than 50 years in the race tire business, Hoosier has established itself as a world leader. During that time, they've gathered a dedicated and talented group of people that routinely think 'outside the box' to resolve processing issues that are unique to the manufacture of racing tires, materials, and racing compounds. Hoosier believes that their rubber mixing expertise, combined with their existing state-of the-art 4 roll textile calendering system, could be a great benefit to their prospective customers. They also provide custom product engineering, testing services, compound formulation, and specialty tire manufacturing services that could greatly benefit their customer's product development efforts. 

Hoosier Racing Tire Corp. offers their customers a complete staff of rubber and tire professionals, along with highly specialized equipment designed to test and process the various materials used in the manufacturing of high performance race tires. Whether it is the development of specialty tires, custom calendering of various textile materials, or the production and testing of other rubber products, Hoosier would like to discuss with you how they can help your business succeed. For more information, please contact Jerry Mikesell at 574-784-3409, by email at jmikesell@hoosiertire.com, or visit their website at www.hoosiertire.com/customB.htm.

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