HoodTech Vision's New Capability - Dual-Payload Flights on a Single Aircraft

• Two, independently operated, 4-axis gyro-stabilized imaging systems on a single aircraft

HoodTech Vision (www.hoodtechvision.com), leading manufacturer of low size, weight, and power (low SWaP) stabilized imaging systems for small manned and unmanned systems, announces the new capability to provide simultaneous, independent operation of two stabilized imaging systems on a single aircraft. The company has recently demonstrated dual payload operations for both manned and unmanned aircraft. 

"Two 4-axis, gyro-stabilized, imaging payload systems have been delivered to international customers for installation on a single aircraft," according to Chris Johnston, VP Sales and Marketing - Infrared Projects at HoodTech Vision.  "The EO payload was an adaptation of HoodTech's field-proven Alticam 09EO1 product that offers National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale (NIIRS) level 9 for airborne imagery from a 4,200 ft slant range, along with a continuous zoom MWIR payload based upon our Alticam 09MWIR2 product."

HoodTech Vision's proprietary on-board aircraft electronics provide power, video, and control function management.  The new dual-payload imaging systems on a single, manned aircraft are controlled by a rear-seat payload operator with analog video ground-link hardware.  Video signals from each payload are multiplexed to the downlink hardware via computer control.  Ground-based payload control has been successfully demonstrated on the various aircraft.

"In a separate activity, HoodTech Vision has also demonstrated two-payload operations from a small UAS where a center-of-gravity (CG) payload was mounted, in addition to a standard, nose-mounted payload.  Both EO-only and EO/IR payloads were installed and operated in the CG position.  A standard EO/IR payload occupied the nose position on the UAS.  Independent imager control, articulation, and tracking were successfully accomplished.  HoodTech and its customer partner realized great value in the 2-payload load-out when interrogating two, independently-operating targets from a single airplane.  Situational awareness was increased in both the single target and dual-target scenarios," reported Mr. Johnston.

For more information, please visit:  www.hoodtechvision.com. To view HoodTech Vision's AUVSI (Unmanned Systems North America 2013) online press kit, please go to: http://www.virtualpressoffice.com/kit/sp6w

Hood Tech Corp – Vision, Inc. (www.hoodtech.com - Hood River, OR), designs and manufactures stabilized EO/IR camera turrets for long-range imaging from moving platforms, such as small unmanned aircraft, manned/unmanned ground and marine systems.  The company's team of experts and vast experience in sensor integration, vibration isolation, disturbance rejection, and dedicated video processing has made HoodTech the preferred supplier of highly mass-efficient, low SWaP, small UAV ISR imaging payloads.

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