Honeywell Sells Novel Low-Global-Warming Blowing Agent to European Customers

Product used in energy-saving foam to seal around windows and doors, as well as in foam adhesives and aerosols, meets EU global warming regulatory requirements

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, N.J., Oct. 7, 2008 - Honeywell announced today it has begun selling its low-global-warming blowing agent for one-component foam and aerosol applications in Europe. Honeywell launched the product and received clearance from the European Union to import limited commercial quantities last year.

The new blowing agent, hydrofluoroolefin HFO-1234ze, has zero ozone-depletion potential and meets EU regulatory requirements for reducing the use of high global-warming-potential (GWP) substances. This fourth-generation technology from Honeywell is a direct replacement for hydrofluorocarbon R-134a in one-component foam and aerosol applications.

The product enables one-component foam to expand in order to seal gaps and crevices around windows and doors which can help home and building owners save energy.

"We are pleased to provide an environmentally superior and energy-efficient solution for foam and aerosol manufacturers," said Rene Mueller, managing director of Fluorine Products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. "We are committed to helping our customers meet current and potential regulatory requirements."

"Any replacement material must maintain or improve energy efficiency and be a less potent greenhouse gas," said Ian Shankland, technology leader for Honeywell's low-GWP initiative. "Our next-generation blowing agent meets these criteria while offering similar performance properties as its predecessor."

According to industry estimates, there were more than 200 million cans of one-component foam sold throughout Europe in 2007. One-component foam is easily dispensed from a can and requires no mixing.

The blowing agent also serves as a propellant for aerosols, which are used in a wide range of applications including warning systems and marine navigation. Honeywell's new HFO-1234ze was recently used in the air horns at the Union of European Football Associations tournament, Euro 2008.

Honeywell is a recognized, leading innovator in high-performance blowing agent technology for closed-cell foam insulation and advanced energy-efficiency refrigerants for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as other heat transfer fluid applications. Honeywell has consistently helped manufacturers replace ozone-depleting and global warming substances, improving the energy efficiency of stationary air conditioning systems. Honeywell has ongoing research and development efforts to develop environmentally superior solutions for customers around the world.

Honeywell is a pioneer in developing hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technology, which is the next generation, low-GWP product for blowing agent, propellant and refrigerant applications. Honeywell is currently partnering with the global automobile industry to launch a low-GWP refrigerant solution to replace R-134a.

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