Home Intercom System is completely wireless.

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Powered by 4 AA batteries, Reporter(TM) WireFREE Intercom runs for up to 12 months, 60 days in monitor mode, delivering 2-way communication with 1,000 ft range. System handles 4 channels and supports unlimited number of intercom stations. Page-all function allows user to transmit one message to all intercom stations, while monitor mode enables users to customize sensitivity settings and listen to intercom station sites.

Original Press Release:

International Electronics Inc. Breaks New Ground with First Fully Wire-FREE Intercom

VANCOUVER, Wash., Nov. 18 -- International Electronics Inc. opened a new chapter in home security and communication technology recently with the release of the WireFREE Intercom. The Reporter(TM) WireFREE Intercom brings unprecedented convenience, versatility, and privacy to the home intercom market. This intercom product is the first ever to be truly wireless, requiring no connection to wall power (http://internationalelect.com/intercom.htm).

Featuring a 1000-ft. communication range and the ability to run off four AA batteries for up to twelve months and an amazing 60 days in "monitor" mode, the Reporter(TM) WireFREE Intercom delivers clear two-way communication without bothersome power cords. It handles four channels and is virtually unlimited in the number of intercom stations it can support. Most important, its energy-efficient use of battery power ensures that it can operate continuously from day to day, around the clock, without being shut off.

This gives the Reporter(TM) WireFREE Intercom an advantage over current intercom systems that claim to be "wireless." These systems quickly drain their battery power when unplugged from a wall outlet.

"The WireFREE Intercom technology is the first of its kind," commented Sharon Brommer, National Sales Manager, International Electronics Inc. "It is cutting-edge design, yet its purpose is very down-to-earth. We want our products to make everyday life easier and better."

Among the special patent-pending features of the WireFREE Intercom is the "page-all" function, which allows the user to transmit a single message to all intercom stations. A person can locate the closest station to respond in a secure manner: replies relay back to the originating intercom and are not broadcast to the entire system.

Another unique feature is the "monitor" mode, which enables users to listen in at the intercom station sites but with the added benefit of noise control. Users can customize sensitivity settings and avoid unwanted sounds.

"No other product on the market has this combination of features," said Brommer. "The WireFREE Intercom has something to offer both households and businesses. Families can easily integrate the system into their daily lives, increasing peace of mind and introducing an extra channel of communication. Business owners will see how the system can enhance both security and efficiency."

The Reporter(TM) WireFREE Intercom is the newest generation of Reporter(TM) electronics, known for their multiple security and communication applications for home and business. Members of the media can contact International Electronics to request a sample.

About International Electronics Inc.

International Electronics is a privately-owned company founded in 1985 and based in Vancouver, Washington. Its mission is to develop innovative, affordable home electronic products, all of which are manufactured in the USA. These include: "Catch-A-Call(TM)" Internet products; "Reporter(TM)" Wireless Alert/Alarm products; car alarms; remote starters; and keyless entry systems.


Sharon Brommer
National Sales Manager
International Electronics Inc.
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Web site: http://internationalelect.com/intercom.htm


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